Sunday, September 2, 2007

So where is a post about your garden!

So the last time I weeded my garden I broke out in hives. Was it a bug bite was it a weed? Who knows but the allergy medicine I took made me sleep for 13 hours straight.
I must have needed the sleep!
My garden is full of weeds (grass) this year. The massive rains we experienced made the grass grow. Grass around here is like mint and strawberries combined. One type sends out runners overland and drops roots every inch or so, another type sends out roots and sprouts a new shoot every 2-3 inches. These shoots can and do penetrate landscaping mats !!!!! They are so sharp they poke a hole in it and just keep on growing. The overland grass just grows over the top rooting itself into said mat. I can’t think of how to control it except by continually ripping it out. I think this fall I will have to remove all the perennials layer about 20 Sunday papers over it all and replant the permanent plants back in, then cover it all with rocks!

This year my garden produced a nice pile of spinach but it was too close to the termite treatment and every time we ate it we got sick. I pulled it out and planted flowers. So much for the brochures assurances the pesticides bind with the soil and do not effect humans and since I have to call the guy back and tell him I have seen 3 termites in my house this past week, So much for the assurances it works for six years.
The flowers have done very well. We had cut Zinnias for weeks and weeks. My jalapenos are happy and still producing, while my red peppers are not setting fruit. All the heirloom tomatoes just grew up and then stopped doing anything. The flowers just drop off grrr I can see them being pollinated, the butterflies and bees visit them but no tomatoes sigh...
My green peppers on the other hand look like the ones you get in the stores big thick walled things that taste as yummy as they look. Although my brussel sprouts have been a haven for cabbage moths all summer, they are now ready for harvesting. I have been blanching and freezing a batch a day. I love young sweet sprouts I know, I know you’re all going ewwwww! brussel sprouts! but really if you catch em while they are young and tender they are quiet yummy!

I planted some peas and radishes, and summer squash yesterday and will be planting carrots and turnips today. It’s amazing how much produce a garden can produce in the fall around here. So my internal debate is do I invest in asparagus? I love it I can never afford it should I buy plants or grow from seed… himm something to think about.