Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well being on low flow internet via a hot spot is interesting. These 2 months of non connectivity have been fun but I'm so ready to get back into the twenty first century.  AT&T where are you.....

We started school 2 weeks ago full tilt ahead instead of half speed, mainly because Sweet Potato fights the start of school so much and then fights the going to full speed. I figured why not just have one battle this year? Were starting High School with her and boy oh boy Looks like I'll be getting another high school edu-mucation.  I didn't care for algebra the first time around... even tho I do use it quiet often in everyday life. Funny that! Ha! 

So I promised you photos of my school/ craft room I have been doing work boxes this year, It helps both kids see what needs to be finished, but they are totally slacking (they draw pictures in pencil even to the colored pencils are right in the bin!). Good thing is now that I'm checking work every evening when I set up the next school day. I'm much more diligent in getting them to re-do it properly now. I'm also able to review the work ahead of time and I can see where Sweet Potato is going to run into problems doing it alone. I'm trying to accommodate her special needs, Pray for me :-) I want to give her just enough assistance that she can do it on her own, but not do it for her. I'm still trying to find that balance. 

Little Miss Sunshine Loves the school room!
All the High School Books and 7th grade books
are all in the bookshelf in back. 
Not fully decorated yet but I have gotten the map up
I plan to run the high school time line on the walls. 
Crafting space, but lately the computer for Science and Spanish has lived here. 

I went nuts organizing our typical supplies.
the entire closet looks like this. 
So I spent a few pennies at Ikea I love the plastic tote/boxes I do have to double up a few things but they typically all go together and I'm finding the note books "mainly fit" its not a perfect fit but it is working. I like how both kids can look out the window. That is always good for eye exercise :-) I know they are glancing outside to see if their friends are done yet. Yet looking up every once in a while is good to stop eye strain.  
Behind the door is a long paper pouch with all kinds of paper.
I found it at the container store it's perfect.  
So now I have to go do Literature with the the high schooler so I'll sign off now.