Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 3rd

Well this morning they dragged us to a museum all about he zhaun (jan)people. Not that it matters since the more the interpreter talks to
Little Miss Sunshine the more positive she is that mai mai was brought here from a more north proviannce. mai mai is very observant she has figured out so many things. And lol she tricked me into getting her dessert for lunch. So I made her eat all her green beans. And she loves red bell peppers and meat, she is already abandoning her chopsticks for a fork!!! but I'm not letting her yet. Need to keep up that dexterity to keep her brain so sharp.
We walked to the park about a quarter of a mile from here, so pretty
and very busy people playing cards and grandmas taking children out to play. The cities are very green, many times you forget you are surrounded by high rises. And so beautiful. The various parks we
have seen are just beautiful.

The government encourages early retirement 45 -55 that way a young person can have their job. The way things work is the older people retire and the son takes care of mama and papa if they do not have a pension. It makes it very hard for young couples to have children. Because they no longer all live in the same home so the young couple may have 2 sets of parents apartments to pay for as well as their own. Thus the one child policy is encouraged...more and more young couples must wait to have children because they cannot afford them. Every thing is done with labor when ever possible since people need employment. guess who is paying for al these jobs... You and me!! Apparently the trade deficit we owe is what means very little taxes and the government having so many workers.

Also it’s not a true one-child policy if you’re a minority a one child policy would eventually speak your minorities demise, so the minority families can have up to 4 kids with out paying a fine. Also it’s by family not person so if you get divorced you can have a new child with your new spouse. And if you can afford it you can have as many children as you like but you must pay a fine of what would be like us paying. 3 thousand dollars it’s not that much but I've converted it to our standard of living.

Since mai mai was brought in with medical issues and is a girl we are surmising her parents could not afford the necessary medical treatment. Its kinda mixed up if you can't afford treatment then your child goes without. No Medicare etc.. health care is not that expensive but since China has moved to a more capitalistic society... If your on the lower rung tough luck. So the poorer families will some times choose to abandon their little ones so the kids can get treatment.

mai mai’s foster mom has prepared her so well and she is so sweet. She has mama wrapped around her little finger. She helps me wring out the clothes because the local laundry won't be back until tomarow and it's super humid here.. walk outside break a sweat from condensation alone. She cleans up after her self!! She dressed the B's baby (hoi hoi) and calmed her down when she wouldn't stop crying last night. She sure knows her ways around babies. Bet her foster mom is missing all her help.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1st Gotcha day

Are you ready for some crying!! the interperater asked...

Wow, I keep saying lily ran to me but now I see the footage the b's sent us she was a tad reluctant to come but she was happy and jumping up and down when we arrived. She kept grabbing my arm and making me hold her tight. she is so ready for us to be her parents, well at this stage it was more me, less Dad but he's recovering. mai mai (little sister) only blubbed for a few minutes, the interpreter told me she was crying because we were not going to America right now! and that we had to wait for paperwork and her passport and stay in a hotel.

mai mai is such a blessing. She is so smart I really am blown away at how smart. Its so weird having a child that has good balance. She ran off and hopped through a pond with stepping stones - was so afraid she would fall in but not mai mai she just gleefully hopped from stone to stone like it was nothing jay jay (big sister) followed moaning and groaning the whole time. I'm very much in love with mai mai she is so easy to love. Daddy and I talked last night about how mai mai has taken so readily to me. He said he now knows how I felt in India. But he is so happy for me because he knows I needed this. jay jay is experiencing the green monster. But I pointed out mai mai is watching and learning from her. She imitates many things jay jay does. That made jay jay feel better.