Monday, January 3, 2011

Are our lives acts of worship?

I have been looking back at our life as Missionaries, I was remembering today, when my friend Karen talked to me after church. The house was sold and in boxes. She said ”Your really going.. you know what this makes you - A Missionary.” She looked at me so very differently. It was a bitter sweet moment. I knew I would miss all my friends yet there was no denying the call of God in our life. As she looked at me, there was a gleam in her eye, I had never seen before. It was like she was looking at me with new eyes. Some how I had changed by taking this step of faith.

I didn't feel any different, I know I didn't look any different. I knew and still know I am an imperfect, erring human. Yet I have never forgotten that moment. It was as if I had crossed a threshold and there was no going back.

This call we have on our lives, it is to serve Asia. The call is hard to describe it's like one clear cobalt blue note of pure joy. Some day I'll share that moment with you. It gives one direction and I'm so grateful to God for burdening my husband with the same call. I can't imagine trying to pull this cart without him by my side...

You know we have 2 adopted children who are a joy, a blessing and yes even sometimes a burden to us. For a long time I desired children, I lived with that obsessiveness one gets when one is infertile. I was a barren woman holding out empty arms for God to fill. Will you believe me?,  when I tell you, my call is even more over powering. I cannot picture our lives not poured out for Jesus, serving behind the lines, so others can serve on the front lines. I know I'm not always as focused or as prayerful or as humble as I should be. I'm still that very erring human after all.

I was reminded during Sunday service that worship is not only the waving of our hands, and singing of songs. No... its not..... is it?,  Joe taught me that lesson long ago, as we served together, caring for the rambunctious 2 year olds, that our acts of service are as much worship to the Lord as any song we sing. Can you picture a day where people walk from one worshipful act to another?  I wonder do we have to wait for heaven? Or can we have that attitude right here right now.