Friday, April 19, 2013

CTC Watercolor Unit 30

Well Spring has sprung in TX and the only snow we have seen is the kind we paint ourselves! 
Day 2
 You will also need a paper towel. 
Tape down your paper if you want it to be flat when dry.  
 Lightly Sketch some hills. You can make them any way you want to. I made mine rugged. also this photo has been enhanced so you can see my pencil line. 
 Wet your paper  
 This is our house when I'm not looking ROFL! 
 Blot any wet spots. 
 Mix water and blue together. 
 Paint an even colored sky
 I painted all the way down because I read the directions only half way!!! 
Don't do this stop half way down the page. 
Now mix up some mauve 
 add plenty of water
 Ready to paint! 
 After I did the first few strokes I read the directions fully. 
 I could have over painted the blue and just rolled with my error, but...
you can take up a watery paint fairly well. 
 Wet clean brush and wash the paper dry brush and repeat. 
 After the offending color is wet quickly wipe up the wet paint with a paper towel.
See How much blue I got off! 
 Now I'm getting it painted right! 
 Here goes the kiddos!
I love it when she smiles. 
 If you don't blot your paper well your sky gets really cool. 

Sweet Potato is using short strokes notice how the paint is not as even.  
 When you use LONG strokes across the whole page it helps to make even painting.
Ultimately as long as you are happy with your painting how you got there isn't as important. 

Day 3
 Paint for today 
 Mix up a grey 
 Now add blue. 
 then a bit of water to make it flow. 
 Paint in clouds that sweep up. 

 Ahh I like those.
 Now mix into your grey a bit of brown paint. 
I like that color.  
add in more sweeps   
 Now on to the next step. 
Clean your brush
 and dab of a bit of the water.  
now with a damp (not wet) brush soften the edges. 
 Soften inside and out. 
 Paint your hills brown. 

 I painted my hill that was further away darker brown. 

Add water to your white to make it loose. 
 Using a pencil tap your paint brush against it to make snow.
 All done! 
 Here go the Kids. 

Little Miss Sunshine tapping her snow.  
I love those clouds!