Thursday, April 11, 2013

CTC Watercolor Tutorial Unit 29

We will be painting a delightful painting today. Please note I think the clouds are not supposed to go down as far as ours did. Leave about 2 inches above the horizon cloud free. 

Day 1
 You need a pallet with reservoirs this week.
If you don't have one use a small container to make the blue and yellow paint.  
Tape it down. 
Sketch it out... oh you can't see my clouds let me photoshop it.  
 Sketch the clouds in lighty. 
 Add lots of water to your blue, choose light or dark blue as you desire.
Don't forget you only need pea size amount of paint. 
 Mix up a lot of wet watery blue. 
I recommend using the side of your brush to sketch in the clouds. its ok to allow texture to enter your sky. With texture the painting is more interesting than if it is one flat color. 
Keep going letting the edges of your clouds be hard and soft. 
Ok that bi is done! 
There is Sweet Potato, I really like her clouds today!
Mix up some watery yellow like you did the blue. 
Allowing the paint to pool and form natural puddles in your clouds
also helps give your clouds a real feel. 
Don't fill the whole cloud in! 
Paint in the brown horizon. 
Almost done!
Sweet Potato did it in her own order... 
Here is Little Miss Sunshine playing catch up after taking these great photos!
Don't forget to store your painting in a safe place
Time approx. 20 min. total.

Day 2

 Using brown paint paint 4 telephone poles large to small.  Thick at the bottom and thinner at the top. My photographer got so excited about her painting she forgot to take pictures of me LOL! but its ok I got lots of the kids painting.

 Sweet Potato was really nervous  about drawing straight and correct poles,
so I sketched in a start and stop point for each pole.
I'd like to comment here on helping our kids in times like this. Often they want their painting to look perfect and it just can't be achieved on their own. They get disappointed and frustrated. As long as the child doesn't feel like you're violating their art, a sketch in item,  a dotted line  or just 2 dots showing them where to picture the line in their mind, can make tremendous differences in how the final product looks. They are so much more happy with their work because you gave them a hand over that hump.
 It's beautiful!
Little Miss didn't space out her poles correctly so she just kept adding them to help the perspective.
Paint in thin white lines to give your ground highlights. I followed my dark and light paint lines.
And here is mine my own my precious painting... 


  1. I thought this painting a bit boring but you made it look awesome! I added some lines too with gray paint.

    1. I love that you made it uniquely yours.