Friday, June 28, 2013

CTC Unit 33 Watercolor Tutorial

Ok I've been Promising and Promising to get this last tutorial up. Can you tell I have trouble finishing things? I actually edited these photos on the airplane on May 18! I had high hopes of getting this up ASAP but alas my life got majorly in the way. I thought I could do it while at my parents house in early June but you see there was this large stack O' wood that was just dying to be split and I couldn't resist splitting it.  

I love how this painting  uses orange peels. 
Here is what our supplies looked like, you will also need a sea sponge for day 3.
 I have enhanced my stonewall line in photoshop.
don't make your dark like this make it light and fluffy. I made mine bumpy,
 because stone walls are not usually perfectly straight.  
 Wet the paper. 
 Blot the paper. 
 Paint an even blue sky. Note how I'm using the side of my brush to follow the stone wall edge. 
 Ahhh I like that. 
Mixing up some grey. I used just a tiny dab of black.  
 Fill the grey in the wall. 
 I worked my way up from the bottom with a spring green. 
Set your painting aside to dry in a safe place. 

Add a tree 
 Don't forget to add details in to the limbs. 
 Sponge on leaves I used a light green and then added a dark green over the top. 
 Here I'm mixing up several shades of brown, orange, and grey. 
Rip or cut out a small stone shape out of the orange peel. Work carefully around the tree and you don't want to overlap the trunk with stones.  
 I did a bunch of the same color by painting the piece of orange peel 
 I kept adding in stones in a semi random pattern. 
 Experiment, I would add grey to an orange, Some times the leftover paint would create a new color on the orange peel when I would paint it with grey or brown. let this happen it helps your painting feel more realistic. 
 of course I dropped my peel! Right on the light green Grrrrrr... Well I can fix that just wait and see. 
 Almost done just a few more stones.  
 Oh look we need to paint grass around the wall I know just where to start!
That will get rid of my mistake. 
Ahh all done.