Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ahh a new year

Well its another year and the garden is bleak and bare. More so than usual, due to SNOW. Yes snow!, it snowed twice in 2009! I'm putting the blame on all the GFA kids who were praying for a white Christmas, (mine included). My roses that shelter near the house usually give me roses in December had poor frozen rose buds on it. It was 70° just 2 hours before it suddenly got cold brrrr.

Our family had a fun christmas as we went to friends houses and carolers came by and gave us cookies! I love the family feeling here. Skype is keeping us in touch with our families, when and if we can pull the kids away from the novelty of seeing themselves on the computer. Technology is so amazing I feel like were living in the Jetsons cartoon

L~ is progressing well with homeschool. I have promoted her to 2nd grade. She has finished her phonics book and seems to need more math than a regular child. So she is way ahead in her math book, How can I refuse when she begs to do more math. She has started to read all those lovable Dr. Suss books all by herself! She is so happy and sweet. Today as we were going to the store she asked Mom do you feel better today? And I said yes L~ I feel great today. Oh good Mom I prayed for you today that you would feel good.. Now isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard. I love how she reads her bible and prays because she loves to.

We have a new member of the family his name is Dapper and He is L~'s dog... he is very timid with the rest of us but follows her around like she is his Mommy. The rest of the family would love it if he put his fears aside and played with us too. He is warming up to the rest of us, but slowly.

A~ has had a few evaluations at school as she is not on target for her age level, but she loves Special Ed and all her teachers. I get so many compliments on how well mannered and cooperative she is. The teachers at Vista are really working hard with her, and we really appreciate all of them. A~'s smile has been shining though lately shes been more focused and able to do her chores without constant supervision. She is self starting on her homework and seeking help when she is stuck. Keep praying it is helping! Daddy was a huge help in doing therapy over the christmas break. I got a mini vacation as he wanted to cook as well. So props to Hubby he is a really good guy!

I have been blessed by being able to do some projects for work at home. I just love the work they have been giving me. Its great to dip my toe in the graphic art world again and discover its like riding a bike once you learn you can just start up again. I had a great refresher course from Mike and then I was able to jump back in. Its been super fun when I can keep Little Miss. Busy occupied.

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