Thursday, May 23, 2013

CTC Unit 32 Watercolor Tutorial

Ok imagine my surprize when I realized this was NOT our last painting. I was happy but since we were in a rush we did not wait for Sweet Potato. 

Day 2 

 Tape down your painting
 Wet your paper.
 Blot as needed
 Yellow and white only a smidge of yellow is needed. 
Blend the colors
 Add water to make a wash. 
 Don't forget Start AT the Bottom!
 Angle where your table meets the wall. 
 take your brown and add water to it. 
 Blend it 
Dab a little bit at a time till it it is a richer light yellow  
 Then paint up to the top. Keep  your painting as flat as possible. 
 Here goes Little Miss Sunshine. 
 She is dipping... will she remember! 
 No she started at her wall line!  Then she remembered and moved to the bottom. 
 Now what do you do when you forget to blot your paper after wetting it... 
 You have to blot up the color when it bleeds over your "Wall Line." I stopped photographing her here because she needed help... 

Day 3
 Now draw your blueberries. I have enhanced these photos to show you my lines. Draw lightly. Don't forget details like stems and edges. 
 I decided to be very Georgia O'Keeffe and Draw BIG! 
I took plenty of time with my sketch. I looked at blueberries as well I never think I ever realized how much detail these little berries have. 
 Ok just one more finishing touch. 
 Now I mixed up some gray. Himm too dark. 
Added some white, ok that is better... 
 Mixed in that tiny smirch of blue but it wasn't enough.  
 So in goes another dot of blue. 
 Ahh a very blueberry blue... 
 It says to wet down the berries again. I did so but individually since its soooooo dry here I was sure I would end up with dry paper by the time I reached the last berry. 
 I painted in the first berry. Don't forget to think about light where is the light where are the shadows. 
 That first berry was very flat. 
 I added a bit more water to my paint, to let it meld naturally with the water on the berry. It gave them a almost ripe look when the yellow under painting peeped through. 
 Keep on painting in the berries. 
 I decided to paint in the details first. 
 Like that, the paint is very opaque and it will be hard to see your pencil marks under it. 

 Here I am thinking about light and dark side of the fruit. I even left a highlight to help me know where the light is. 
 Another view. 
 Ok first layer is almost done. 
 Now add in some red, I chose the scarlet. 
 Mix it up. 

I wanted my berries to look like they were ripening so I used a small brush and blended in the the red/blue color along the bottoms. 
 Ooooo I like that :-) 
 Now I painted in the stem. recall how you added texture to trees and feel free to do the same here. 
 I added black lines on my stem to make it more realistic. 
 Now use watery grey to paint in a shadow. 
Here i'm deviating from the instructions I added a blurry white to just where I thought the light would shine on the berry.  

And I felt like the details of my berries were to washed out so I used a dark blue to add them back in.  
 Off she goes! 
 Mom gets momentarily distracted and she finished in no time. 
 All done good enough to eat! 
She loved her berries! 

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