Friday, May 20, 2016

Peas & Peppers Oh My!

My beans are starting to climb and I planted wheat just to see what it would be like to grow wheat. 

I'm starting to get peppers sweet banana! 

The cherry tomatoes are setting fruit. 

Sadly my lettuce is weak, the carrots did not pop up the kale got eaten... 

My pansy's haven't stopped blooming and the herbs are getting bigger. 

The dill is starting to take off. 

I love how sage grows so well! 

I had a few potato sprouts in my potato bin so I tucked them in the soil. 
Hopefully this cool weather will last a bit longer they are so happy! 

This is Purslane it tastes lovely in salads. and it blooms too!
I was so surprised to see it in a hanging basket. 

the beets I sowed in February are getting leaves and a few carrots here have popped up. 

sadly the peas have gotten powdery mildew. 
It will slow production but the top most parts still have flowers so here is hoping for more peas. 

I was excited to see my fennel is up and making leaves. 
I can't wait for fall and roasted fennel. 

I saw a lonely beet. only one seed popped so far I may have to reseed. 

The cukes, beans and peas have stopped looking as wan and yellow. 
I treated them with alfalfa tea still not sure if it is the excessive rain or not enough nitrogen. 

My first fooled ya JalapeƱo. these are sweet or so they say the proof will be in the eating. 

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