Sunday, November 4, 2007

Musings on landscapers paper and shoes

This Summer I planted some heirloom tomatoes. And much to my regret they didn’t produce one fruit. But my garden did make us lots of nice salads and we are still getting peppers. I have been packing up my bumper crop of Brussels sprouts. They are in tidy little bags for wintertime eating. By the way, I love Brussels sprouts, who can resist tiny baby cabbages in butter?

Lately I have been pulling out all the weeds that have crept into my garden. Even though this year I put down black landscapers material to keep the weeds out. It didn’t work. One cannot put down a covering and say “Now I will never get another weed.” Those weeds come creeping into the garden anyways. And the roots grow right through the black stuff. Others had such tiny and sharp grass blades they poked right though.

God once again used my garden to speak to me. I know if I had spent 20 minutes with my garden everyday I would never have tolerated any weeds. I would have pulled them up when they were small. Like a daily quiet time with the Lord, keeps my heart weeded. If I neglect my heart, even though I have plenty of layers of his word in there, my heart will still grow weeds if I neglect it.

Friday, Dear Daughter and I went on a field trip with our home school group. We went to “Orphaned shoes for orphaned souls”. We had lots of fun sorting shoes. It was funny all the girls wanted to sort the pink ones, where the boys didn’t care what color they were just as long as they could zip tie them together.
I remember the day we received our daughter. The Orphanage took back all of her clothing. Orphans do not own anything, not even the clothing they wear. She didn’t have any shoes either. In fact when I went looking for shoes for her in India, only one type was available and only in 2 colors green or red. I was surprised but when I looked around none of the kids in the street had shoes on. I only saw one child in the airport with shoes, and they were the green version. isn't it odd In India they really don't use shoes for babies but in America they are $19.99 and we have 100's to choose from.

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