Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Lesson in Enjoying the Journey

My good friend C invited me to go camping with her this weekend. and since it's pure luxury camping in a pop up tent camper I was excited. But Sweet Potato couldn't come because we have no electricity for her vest. Shes not a big fan of camping when its not in a cabin.  So Little Miss Sunshine was planning on a sleepover and pulled the I have a previous commitment on me. (whoa shes learning manners)  My Knight in Shining Armour thought wow I can play music as loud as I want to this weekend Have fun Honi go play out in the dirt...

Off I went with the help of a few baby sitters I was able to get on the road at 11am on Friday.. but then I had to pick up X and Y and Z and it was 12 by the time I hit the highway. An hour and a half later I'm thinking "Why does everything look familiar but wrong some how?" then I have a Bugs Bunny moment, you know when he pops up his head  from the hole looks at his map and says "Maybe I shouldn't have taken that left turn at Albuquerque."  Realizing the error of my ways... I'm on the road to A camp ground which is why every thing looks familiar just not on the right road. I'm 30 miles north of my destination... So I turn around cause I'm in TX in one of those You can't get here from there places, or so my map says. It looks like a good hour of back tracking...  I  promptly blow a tire.

Can you picture this?  *Hello you have reached AAA how can I help you?  I have a flat and need assistance... Ok I'll get someone out there right away, where are you located?  I have no Idea I'm lost!!! LOL! I'm on highway X headed east and I can see a sign in the distance for exit Y... Laughter.... Don't worry I get calls like this all the time... *

A side note here: If I had checked my tire pressure before I left I probably wouldn't have lost my tire. It was low due to the highs and low temperature changes we have been having lately. So before you hop in your car for a short 1 hour journey that you don't plan on making a 3 hour journey by getting lost, check your tire pressure... 

Thank you to my Knight in Shining Armour My phone was topped up and I could actually call AAA and get a rescue. Where I was on the high way I could not change that tire by myself.  If I had managed to crack the nut holding the doughnut in place... well it had been in there for 15 years and this was the first time anyone has ever tried to take it off...  So I pulled out my handy dandy classic Oliver Twist and settled down on the verge to wait. Lots of very nice ladies pulled over and asked if I needed water, help, a phone. Texas is so friendly.

So I'm all changed Doughnut is on I'm headed to Discount Tire In Greenville (excellent customer service) AAA has pinpointed my location and the guy was able to give me clear instructions on how to get  where I needed to go...  As I turn into the tire place the Doughnut dies Wooo hoo it got me here!!! hey it was 15 years old...

30 minutes later I'm on my way. How did that happen so fast? I have 2 new tires and a full size spare because the staff at Discount Tire were so incredibly sweet and made it possible for me to be safe at a price I could afford.

I arrived at my destination 4 hours later than I has expected but still happy.  Because I enjoyed the journey as much as my destination.  Take it from me vacation starts when you start your journey to it not when you arrive. :-)  

It was a great thing to think on as I was driving, I compared it to our adoption journey. My children are going to have flat tires and get lost along the way so we should enjoy the green grass and sunshine when we can. Even if semis are zooming by at 80 miles an hour behind you.

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  1. luxury camping in a pop up tent? you and your girlfriend had spent a nice camping