Thursday, March 1, 2012

Keeping On Track

So this weekend we had the opportunity to go to Glen Rose and stay at our favorite place The Country Woods Inn. I love the off season because it is so quiet. :-)  It was nice being able to say yes over, and over again to my kids. Yes, you can run ahead. Yes, you can play on the rocks. Yes, we can take a picnic, because look, here is a picnic basket in our cabin. Yes, you can feed the rabbits.

Little Miss Sunshine now wants rabbits again. I thought I dodged that bullet.  Ever since the demise of 3 mice and much grieving over them. I though she had assimilated the formula Predators + Prey = Death. I guess since her friend is having a success at keeping the dogs from killing her rabbit LMS thinks she will succeed as well.

So as per usually Google maps got us lost on the way back from Glen Rose. I mean I've made this trip at least 10 times but yet I think I take a new way home every time.  Ahh, well in the future I'll have all these alternate routes if I'm ever stuck in traffic.. Right?  It was funny I looked at My Knight in Shining Armor and said I really think we should invest in a Garmin. His response Oh I have one So and So gave me his old one.  picture my jaw dropping to floor of vehicle while I'm thinking"And why is it not plugged in right now???"

So my 2 kiddos on their own volition doubled up on school this week so as to get it all out of the way, since they had Monday as a vacation day.  Picture me doing a double take... Al tho it took Sweet Potato till 6pm on Tuesday, to finish her work she still did 2 days of work in that day. Yesterday she volunteered to help make dinner... Who is this child??? and can I keep her?  I'm kinda stunned...

Normally when there is work to be done she runs off to the bathroom.  (Ok who else is adult enough to admit they did this too as a child *raises hand*)  I know why she does it but it is very unusual for her to ask for work to do.

I'm glad to say the kiddos are on track for a May finish date of school possibly even mid April for Little Miss Sunshine. So often were struggling to stay on track and drop things like art, and poetry. I'm so glad this year I'm staying on track. Much of it has to do with the more independent nature of the work in Preparing and CTC.  I'm spending less time than I used too in "teaching" and more time helping "research." LMS loves math so much that she has stopped waiting for me and instead tackles it on her own. If she can't do it herself she waits, but half the time I come in to explain it and shes done, and done correctly I might add.  Lately she has been doing her grammar first thing, it was so well done I thought maybe just maybe she is copying the teachers manual. So I move that book to my bed room... Nope her work is perfect as ever.

I totally need that teachers manual to grade the work too. I have been learning so much about grammar through how to diagram sentences. Wow why couldn't they have taught me this when i was in school! I can see how adverbs and adjectives work for the first time in my life.  And the proper use of "Quotes." which I totally abuse. :-P

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