Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Did a Bad Thing...

Yup I did, my last post was about how busy and active I have been. How I have no time to blog because I feel great! Anyone want to print those words out and put them in a pie for me to eat? Why did I post how good I felt? It was like painting a great big "shoot me now" X on my back.

So heres a cute photo of me and some cookies in Mexico and if you don't want to read about feminine issues you should stop now...  no really if it grosses you out stop now.

Really I'm warning you... I'm going to be keeping it real...

Ah I'm now waiting on the doctor's blood test results to figure out if I'm anemic again. What took 6 months to overcome it takes Aunt Flo weeks to undo. Now I fall asleep if I sit down for a few moments and I can't seem to spell.  I know this too will pass but really can it stop now??? Pretty please... Funny it's happened before you know, once I went to give blood at a blood drive and they freaked out at me. That's when I discovered Aunt Flo was not supposed to visit for 6 weeks. DOH!

My doctor was looking in my records "Oh so hmmmm what did we do last time?" We sent you for tests discovered we can find nothing wrong and oh look we did nothing and it stopped on its own.  Can you see the irony on my face? I'd bang my head against the wall but I'm too tired too.   Ever feel like going to the doctor is a waste of time?  He didn't give me anything to resolve the problem with out tests because its all relative. (Don't get me wrong my Dr. is very sweet he's doing the best he can with the info at hand. It's not his fault my body behaves it self every time he tests it. )

I wonder maybe I should start weighing things, give him real data he can use.  Really how can he diagnose how bad it is with what I have to tell him? Let me think... I say "it's a lot." What is "a lot?" to me it is too graphic to describe here... maybe I should have used the words XXXXXXX XXXXXXX  Himmm... I can't say that on my blog...
One of my children freaked out over "a lot" and I was like ho hum you ain't seen nothing yet honi... Why are they're no guidelines on the packages of products.  It would be better than "have a happy period" sayings printed on the pad wrappers. (What were they thinking????) Think how helpful the manufacture could be if they actually made a chart. If it looks like A it has absorbed x amount. pics for B. C. D. E... Start taking Iron pills now, and F hey time to visit your doc cause your not normal. 

I often wonder if this stuff happened to men what would be going on??? Would they hospitalize them? Tell them its all in their heads? Tell them to tough it out? Maybe men wouldn't be so delicate and squeamish. Yo I'm loosing pounds here how can I buff up if I have no red blood cells?

How does one ask for prayer?  Yes lets call the prayer chain and say Aunt Flo has come to stay and she won't leave...  In one of Michael Palin's trips around the globe he stopped by a nepali village, where the ladies get to go to a special house for their "moon" days.  Hubby gets to keep the kids and fend for himself till she's over them.  Then he has to make her a special meal and feed her before she gets to go home. My Knight in Shining Armor was watching and he looked at me and said good thing we don't live in Nepal, I'd never see you!! I could just set up shop there and be hostess.  The good thing is: I have access to iron supplements. Once my doctor thinks I'm sick enough I can get help.  Once years ago this went on for 8 weeks but I was just in range and "not" anemic that doctor was like "Oh well live with it, the tests say your fine stop freaking out ... Sigh...

But what about ladies in places like India  where rates of anemia are 42%-60% depending on where you live. Eeep! I don't have to worry my hubby is going to eat up all the food and leave me with scraps. No instead he will make dinner, cherish me and care for me everyday. (and bring me chocolate) So even tho today is a icky day I will be grateful to be here in the states, with a man who cares for me, will happily shoulder the burden of the kids, and the house, on top of his work load till I'm better. Of course if you want to help you can pop over and fold laundry... and we like Chinese takeout.  If you do come over bring tissues cause I'll cry all over you because you love me. :-)
I really do love the United States of America, I'm so happy I was born here *sniffle* where are my tissues. Oh my! Hormones!

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