Friday, March 7, 2014

So Busy

Well the last few months I have been endeavoring to drop a few pounds and my life has been full, full, full.  My energy level has been so much higher this past year and I really feel like my Sarcidosis is completely gone. Not a whisper of a symptom since my second visit to the naturopath.  Now that I'm not tired and fatigued, now that I'm blocking out time to exercise, and taking on new projects I discovered I have less time to blog. Oopsie :-)

So here is an update to our lives, we had a amazing visit with my parents down in Mexico, Spirit airlines got us there on the cheap, and we packed super light. I kept thinking while on vacation "Is this so much fun because  I have only a little stuff to take care of?" Although we did have to bring Sweet Potatoes vest which I think weighed more that both bags put together... The airline let it ride for free because I called and checked, found out they are sticklers and managed to get a doctors letter proving the equipment was medically necessary.  I'll give Dr Lie 2 thumbs up for coming through in a crunch.  He is awesome.

The Sun and Sand and REST we got was so needed. I'm not complaining and I feel so bad for the frozen north, but here in Texas by March we usually have flowers and sunshine... Instead it's been overcast and dreary. Usually at this point of spring I'm asking God to help me appreciate the sunshine and never lose the wonder of sun and flowers in February or March.  Well I think I'm appreciating all those wonderful warm spring days in February we have had in the past decade.  In fact I'm missing them terribly.

School is tooling along I've moved Sweet Potato to a more accommodated version of school and reduced her schedule to focus her and to help her complete school on time. She is happier and I'm flabbergasted at the things she retains. Two nights ago at dinner she started talking about the revolutionary war and lady soldiers who choose to fight like a man. It's good to know it's in there!  I just shifted her reading to listening and reading at the same time. Her retention rate went way up, her writing of details got even better. Her report on the chapter was detailed and she actually had more than 100 words to write out. She reported to me that it was easy... I almost fell off the wii fit in surprise.  Tho today she has the stomach bug that has been going around, she looked miserable yesterday and today she is far to eager to convince me she is STILL REALLY SICK. Can you hear her say it "Really mom I am."  She is far more enthusiastic than she was yesterday about her illness.  I'm letting her stay on the couch and suck on ice chips all day long, but I think I'll make her do some math and reading today before any movies. Ah the perils of homeschooling, you have to be really sick to get out of "home" work.

Ok I have piles more to say, but my time is up and I needs must move on to math with my child... at least it's easy geometry and fractions. I love spacial math.

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