Thursday, July 30, 2015


Well its been ages since I have blogged.
Let me tell you some of the things I have learned since my last post.
You can fly really cheaply on holidays, and the plane will be full of children.
Starbuck's may not show up in google maps but they are actually only a mile away.
There is more than one kind of stroke, Ischemic, Hemorrhagic and Transient.
Lung Cancer is on the rise 150% in women!
Lung Cancer is insidious and can hide behind other symptom sets.
You really should test your house for radon if only for the peace of mind factor.
Brain radiation treatments can manifest the same symptom set as strokes.
Our brains are amazing; the name for a thing, and what it does is not stored in the same place in our brain.
One person can, lift, roll, change the sheets on a bed where a sick person is without that person getting out of bed.
How to inject insulin with a needle, wow that was so not hard, why did I think that was hard?
Hospice is full of amazing people who really care you can  Donate Here...
Doctors don't die like the rest of us... How Doctors Die
It sucks when your mom dies.
Social Security makes you pay them back if you die in a month they have paid you for.
Even a cremation burial is terribly expensive.
You only need 1 plot for 2 people if both are planning to be cremated.
A funeral is like planning a wedding in a week. It can be done well, but you pay for each and every service they offer, for example; moving flowers from one location to another costs 125$
People have lots of stuff and it all needs to be gone through when someone dies, this is hard.
I discovered my mom had a love affair with "Life Is Good T-shirts." Yes I took them all!
I have a fantastic set of friends relatives and co-workers. Thank you Taun and Gen for coming to moms service, for all the cards and notes and emails from my friends and family.
My sister is a fantastic speaker and can bring a room full of people from laughter to joy, and sorrow in under 5 minutes.
My brother is amazing and servant hearted
My kids can step up and do hard things.
I love my Dad more than ever.
Laundry and cooking is an ever present companion.


  1. Karen Harter SutliffJuly 30, 2015 at 4:51 PM

    Hugs to you my friend . Praying for you through this time of change and learning . Love you and stop in if you get up Rochester way .

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother. ((hugs))