Wednesday, November 16, 2016


So many people over the years have looked at me and said "Wow you have so much patience. I don't know how you do it."  Want in on my secret?  Most of the time, I'm faking it till I make it. Seriously I'm just faking it. I look like I'm really calm, tolerant, persevering, long suffering... but I'm not Caillou's mom. Nope I just have made a habit of being that way on the outside.  Where as on the inside I could be seething with impatience (I don't have time for).  

I can hear my Mom saying "Andeale Vamonos"  (meaning move hurry) in my head as I wait in line at Starbucks wondering if it is ok to use my Mobile App to order drinks... get out of line and grab the 2 comfy seats in the corner before someone snaps them up.  I find myself timing things. For example it takes 10 minutes to get to ballet practice if I don't catch the 3 lights on my way there, but if I get all the lights it will take me 14 minutes... unless there is a stray car and that one light that is always green goes randomly red because SOMEONE needs to turn left, then it's 16 min. If ballet practice is in 20 minutes do I have enough time to find the socks Tippin stole, get my shoes on and herd these kids out the door? Hey look kids, life is word problems. To sock or not to sock that is the question. 

My sighs are not sighs of forbearance but ones of come on move it! It's just too tiring to be all hepped up on all the teen drama, in fact it's exhausting... so when I'm not "faking" my patience, I'm usually just to tired to bother. I'm in that stage where at 6pm I can and often do fall asleep if I sit down.  But I'm wired for sound at 1 am in the morning? What is up with that bio rhythms? You need to get in line with the sun!

How often do we look at a situation and only see the outer shell, the public persona. That person we think we know from Facebook and Instagram.  When in reality the opposite of what we see is what is actually happening.  When that person gets home do they too primal scream in the back yard, and later that day do they too dance in the "Super Moonlight" with their beloved?  I hope they do, because  this election cycle we all need a bit of primal screaming and being someone's beloved. 

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