Monday, December 12, 2016


My daughters health book discussion questions caused my child to ask me what the dating scene was like in my high school.  We had a long chat about healthy friendships and what that looks like as well as friends that get us off track.

As I looked back I realized I only dated one person from my high school. We went on a total of one date. Upon which the next day he called me and said something along the lines of "I can't date my best friends sister it's just too weird." and I was like "Ok cool, no problem." because I thought it was weird too... I'm not even sure I told my friends I went on said date...

I just can't picture todays' besotted must have a boyfriend or a girlfriend teens doing that.  
Can you imagine how it would be today... 

Betty gets asked out sqeeeeeeeeee!
She snapchats her besties and posts screen shot on FB/instagram.
They both changed the FB status too in a relationship...
Lots of their friends like the posts.
Bob picks her up and they do a selfie which lands on multiple social media sites.
They go out and post photos of food on Facebook, "check in" at the restaurant. 
while on the date their friends get play by play details via texting.
Bob drives Betty home and does the whole good night kiss thing. 

Betty is unimpressed, but she texts him as soon as he leaves the house... 
because we must text often he's my BF.
She then texts her BFF's some more and adds more "look at all the fun we had on our date" photos on FB/Instagram etc... (instead of going to bed.)
Bob goes home and realizes Betty just doesn't light his fire, but automatically responds (like pavlov's dog) to her texts, when he's done driving home (hopefully). Before he goes to bed he checks the football scores and sees how much Betty posted. 

Now can Bob break up???? I mean look now it's a break up! it wasn't "just a date" to check each other out and see if it works... No it's got a following all the good stuff none of the bad stuff. How can they back out now? Everyone knows they are an official item. If he leaves her now or asks another person out, he's now going to be labeled a playa. I'm amazed at how much more social pressure is being placed on my kids than was placed on me as a teen.

I think the social media sites and texting is very unhealthy for budding relationships. It's too much information to soon. To much contact/connection too soon. I think my kids are just bombarded with images and ideals of what the media says a relationship is. Instead of being able to explore, think, contemplate how things are going. They are pushed to conform to the idea of a relationship. Only presenting the how awesome it is (when maybe it wasn't). When things do go south it's all over social media with memes like these. *sigh* 

Edit: The guy in question is positive we dated more than one time... Ahh how differently we remember our history. 

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