Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Check in Into Unit 8

This week we had a mixed up messy not following the schedule kinda week.
Daddy returned from this years support raising trip (Y'all can take a moment to pray people will send in their pledge cards now).  So I let the kids have a day off, they were supposed to clean their room but that didn't happen LOL.

On Monday I mixed up my days and thought I had to make soup for the GFA kitchen for Tuesday.  When in reality it was for Wednesday... The good news is I got it all prepped on Monday and finished it on Tuesday and the soup was better for one day of spices melding in the pot over night. So Monday I go to pick up the girls from their play date. This is how they looked. The queen and her handmaiden...
Now I did that Stupid thing we do as Mom's I asked them... "Do you want to wash your face before we go shopping for the soup?"  They replied "NO."  Next time I will just tell them "Go wash your face." So these two freakishly painted um adorably cute, hate to be stared at children followed me around the local grocery store.  I think they figured it out, Dress Up is fine for home and weird outside of the home.  It was days before it was all completely washed off. 

The science experiment worked really well, tho this shot was hard to get! But you can see the condensation beading up on the glass.
Science Note book pages, I like how Little M solved her problem, she ran out of room on the first page so she turned it into a spread. Nice thinking! Her crossing of Jericho seems to have lost its Ark but she did it independently with only verbal instruction from me. Which is a Huge step  in the right direction.  She also did 7  ADSB (audio digit span backwards, this is where I give her 7 random numbers like 4126730 and she has to say back 0376214) This is phenomenal, amazing, shocking.  Makes mommy happy moment type stuff.

Draw Write Through History work from Little Miss Sunshine

AND LOOK RAIN!!!!   I'm very excited!!! 
On Thursday the day they normally do their school work at GFA they got invited to go to the Fort Worth Zoo.  So No photos but they had a blast and enjoyed the day.  Mama enjoyed a quiet lunch with her knight in shining armor.  Win Win for all! 

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