Sunday, October 2, 2011

Door to Door sales

Today a man ignored my No Soliciting sign to tell me that I needed to have him repaint my house number on the street. I love my No soliciting sign.  It reads
If you are TALLER than this arrow ---->

All my friends get a kick out of it. I really don't mind the kids selling Thin Mints.  In fact Next cookie season I think I'll put a sign in my front yard that says Thin Mints Needed!!!! Please sell me some, Please!!! 
I have always followed the advice of a family friend and previously an IRS auditor who now does peoples taxes. Just give them money don't buy the stuff. My dad also reinforced this when he showed me how much money the fund raiser people get 50% -80% of the sales. eeeeppp!!! That's crazy.  Then we sold cookies door to door. Because we were the top rated group in our whole area we got .60 cents per box... Himm let me think... $3.50 a box... bet the cookie manufacturer got $1.75 to cover his costs.... we got .60 cents that leaves a $1.15 for corporate...  we sold over 2000 boxes... $2300.00  not bad for corporate eh?
This is why when I pass a club selling stuff to raise money, or a kid comes to the door. I give them a few dollars and ask for a receipt.  Tax man said ask for a receipt. Boys scouts are the only ones ever to give me a receipt.  Always be prepared!.   

One day this cute cub scout came to the door selling popcorn. He was arguing with the scout master/father/den dude??? ok I'll just call him The tall guy in the the scout costume "But the sign says No Soliciting." He kept telling them see it says kids are welcome that means it's ok.  When I opened the door and little cub was about to go though his carefully rehearsed bit on the fabulocity of his popcorn. I stopped him.  We can't eat it here diabetes. braces, not on SPB diet, my hips don't need the extra poundage, the list is endless.  The cute little guys face fell, then I added but I'd be happy to just give you a donation.  The little guy looked up at The tall guy in the the scout costume  and said I don't think I can take money now.   Meanwhile The tall guy in the the scout costume is grinning ear to ear Yes mam' we'll take cash. Then he says to the cute little cub. What ever she gives you goes straight into your account all of it...  little cubs eyes got wide ALL OF IT???  who knew he could get that excited over 3$

So this guy today is pressing me to buy one of his fantastic curb edge house number designs that he and his wife will paint just for me. I thought about asking him his age he was a bit to tall for my sign, but I think he totally missed it. This curb number painting could be a pretty good gig.. 10 bucks a shot a few stencils and cans of paint and your good to go, ok and a permit to solicit...  I told him I would do it myself.  It's not like it's a requirement or anything... but it's good to have. Since all the houses on the street look exactly alike. I think the local contractor only had one house cookie cutter. Its good to put your Number where the fire department can easily find it. The brick house in the middle of street is not! a good enough description.

So he goes away and on my list of things to do today is paint house number. So I get out my paint and brushes, and I head outside. I repaint my number really pretty.  I added a flower. It's exactly what I wanted.  And while I'm doing it. The guys wife is like Hey Honi look she really is doing it herself. It kills me my acrylic paints lasted 2 years. It took me exactly 10 minutes.   Maybe I should go into business for myself

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