Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly check in?? What, Who, Where?

Well this week I have no photos and no funny stories.  I had a birthday tho. That was fun. I was sick this week so we did a lot of bed side schooling. I love the portability of  HOD.  I can tell my wee ones to go get book X and I can read it to them. Their science was done totally independently this week. And I know I looked at it at the time but I have no recollection of what it was about. No photos either!

UGH don't you hate pain medication???
I hate how it makes me push "The Stupid Button."  I wander around in a brain fog, and feel like a complete looser. But then my choices are act like a brain fogged looser or level 8+ pain... The looser bit is suddenly  looking mighty fine.  O.K. A digression: How come when the doctor asks my Hubby about his pain level and its a 6 or higher he gets a bottle of pain medications.  Where as I have to see 3 doctors all of whom said "I'll give you something for it." then proceed to NOT write any prescriptions for pain relief and tell me to cut out chocolate! I mean I've already given up Coffee!!! What more can they expect?? What is the point of going on if Chocolate has to go as well... really???

I'd exercise more since that seems to be the cure for everything. Wait I have a problem, the gym only has child care up to age 12. My 12 year old is not nuro typically ready to be by herself for 2 hours while I head to the gym. Go ahead call me over protective and paranoid. Hey I let her ride around the block by her self 3 times today.  I'm letting go... really I am... The Dr also said I need to loose weight and keep off my feet due to my plantar fasciitis. Ok anyone else out there think those statements are Antithetical???
For those with a dictionary not handy... Antithetical:

  1. Directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible.

Solutions???? Anyone???  I was walking 3 miles a day but it was making the foot pain worse. Ever wake up and look at the floor as if it is your worst enemy?  So do I!!! Everyday.  I got though my week by the grace of God and the ease of HOD. 

I finally started to feel better, and Saturday I was looking up.  Hubby threw me a come over and eat cake party  where only 2 people showed up.  Ever get the feeling if this was the school yard and they were picking teams for kick ball you'd be the last one standing?  I think the Evil Dude is trying to disrupt my peace and make me feel out of place, I feel I should buy a one way ticket to the island of misfit toys but then who would do therapy with Little M?.  He's a trickster,  Ya gotta not listen to him. I feel like yelling SHUT UP at him right now. But then the neighbors would be positive I'm crazy, not just suspect it. 

Sunday rolled around and EVERYTHING fell apart literally. I even have broken kitchen cabinets to prove it. But God is Good All The Time and I think we have solved it for under 80$  I put my birthday Adirondack Rocking chair together wrong 3 times. It used lock nuts!! I think I now know why my father hated lock nuts.  I think I'm still pushing the stupid button.. am I sitting on it or something?  My knight in Shining Armor sent me off to eat dinner which he made as well  he's definitely a keeper!  He only put the chair together wrong 2 times. In our defense: we had the worlds worst instructions.  The good news is I'm tapping away on my keyboard outside, sitting in my now properly assembled rocking chair.  I wonder if rocking counts as exercise?  

Hopefully this will be a better week :-) I keep telling myself "Keep hanging in there the end result is worth it." 

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