Friday, November 18, 2011

A multi week check in

Ok I've been on a Quilting kick determined to finish a 2 month late wedding present, and yes those are all hand appliqued leaves sewn down with silk thread :-) I also have a first... this quilt is perfectly square. Now that's never happened before.  But its done and delivered Yeah!!!

So this will be a photo show of the last few weeks of Heart of Dakota
 a spontaneous poem I found in sweet potatoes notebook. 

Little miss sunshine making a secret message like the Romans. Took Dad a good long time to figure it out.  

 Look Mom a Cell! 

Fossils in bread

 The girls are trying to put together each others line drawings.  The discovered it was impossible... they did manage to separate out the pieces but not knowing what they were putting together made it very difficult. 

 Can I stop now Mom. this is impossible...

Ok I'd blog more but I'm totally swamped today!!! 

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