Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Calandar

So I dug out my Paddington Advent calendar yesterday while decorating for Christmas.
But what to fill it with??? as now I have 2 kiddos and one can't eat candy, artificial colors or flavors, nor gluten or chocolate, and the Playmobile Advent calendar was $35.00!!

Well this season is supposed to be about Christ so I thought I'll fill it with bible verses. Then the thought of writing out all those verses. I can picture all the spelling errors I will make. Bah!  Then one google search later and woo hooo I found a cute set and just printed them out.
You too can find them here!

So this week were gonna do Homeschool Lite.  About half speed so we can bake piles of cookies and get the cards and presents out. I also need to bake the fruit cakes.  Maybe I'll post that recipe tomorrow.  This is not fruit cake we all make fun of.  But one that gets gobbled up every time I take it places.  Considering it does not contain that weird looking plastic like fruit they sell in the store. But rather a nice mix of real dried fruit, and no molasses.  (Which I have discovered  people don't like in fruit cake. :-)

So have fun printing out bible verses and making a Advent calendar this morning.  I know I will... after I make about 30 sandwiches for the staff.


  1. thegirlwhoLOVEStosingDecember 18, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    I know you didn't post it on this one but which child is A and which child is L?

    1. A is Sweet Potato and L is Little Miss Sunshine