Friday, December 9, 2011

All I want for Christmas is a Water Buffalo

First a commercial :-)
A blogger I read has found THE Coolest race track called Blu Track and is giving one away! Head over there for a chance to win. you totally have to watch the video on how it works.  I so want one but if I do win it will go to my young nephews :-)  I love how this mom let her boy make the right decision too.. Coolio Momsie!

Now since this is all a big link up blog post I do want to share what Little Miss Sunshine wants for Christmas. A Water Buffalo... NO not for our back yard, but for an impoverished family in India.   Daddy has been hard at work getting a project called Activate My Faith started over at GFA's web site  So here is your chance to give my daughter what she wants for Christmas (Oh bless her heart!) and do some beta testing as well.
This is your sneek peek at the future of GFA on the web :-)

She has her project here  she saved up $96 herself from her stinky allowance of $3.25 a week (if she did all her chores) and by doing extra jobs at .25 and .50 cents apiece is no small feat!.  Yes its a stinky allowance but we are missionaries and kids having money is not a big line item in our debt free budget.

Don't forget 100% of your donation will go to buy this water buffalo.

When I sat down with her yesterday and asked if it was ok that Grandma and Grandpa give her less/less expensive presents and donate more to her water buffalo she happy danced and said yes oh yes!

Oh what a blessing it is to have a child who feel this way, that giving is what Christmas is about, not the getting. It really keeps my "greedy heart" in check.  Thank you Lord for this child of mine who sees the world with your eyes.  Ok she not all that pure and holy but she can be really sweet :-) And she really really really wants a Water buffalo So a donation of 1$ is greeted with the same joy as $20 or $50.

Go you know you want to... and please remember it is beta let us know if anything is not working!!!
KNOWN ISSUES: pictures missing in video.

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