Monday, December 19, 2011

Water Buffalo Update

Well my last post was about Little Miss Sunshine's' project of getting a water buffalo for Christmas.  Its a beta testing program For GFA's Web Team. I can say it was successful! We found a few bugs, and  got feedback and A water buffalo has been secured for a family in India. Woo hoo!!! Everyone Wants a Water Buffalo

On another note the kiddos are being themselves, were doing home school lite... Which means I'm checking work as I prep meals for the ministry and bake cookies.  All but my Christmas cards are done.  Woo hoo! Only a few presents to wrap and its all finished.

Just in time too, as Sweet Potato has been cheating with her meds. *SIGH* Now she is sick and running a fever.   Ugh I'd hate to be in her shoes. Medication night and day, Doctors are mystified as to the cause, thus no answers just medication, and The Vest, to ease the symptoms.  I hate it when she decided shes right and I'm wrong because what I said didn't happen immediately.  No you cannot chew your medication! It will hurt your body... So she chews her medication. "My body isn't in pain, so you must be wrong Mom." Sigh... Picture me banging my head against the wall. She doesn't even believe the nurse on the phone.  I had to switch it back to the neti pot which does the same thing as the medication just in a much more gross way.  

Then I see posts on Neti pots that use tap water, giving people brain eating amoebae. *LOVELY!* Now I always use the reverse osmosis water because the amount of  "dead" mold spores in the local water makes my allergy's worse. I know occasionally Sweet Potato doesn't, instead she pushes the easy button and uses tap water.   So now I have one more thing to be paranoid about. NO MORE TAP WATER!! even tho we don't live in Louisiana. 

I had a talk with her today about when you don't take your nose medication your nose itches. (then you rub it, and never wash your hands, and the family is all ewww gross!!!)  When you  fake taking your inhaler; your lungs hurt. Taking medication isn't fun; but not taking it, is worse.  The Orthodontics nurse had to talk with me on the condition of her teeth, as in she isn't brushing well enough either.

And I know why this is all manifesting itself  because it's Christmas!!!  Oh the JOYS of the Christmas Season.   This being all gross and unlovable is so true to form.  time to Repost #1   and   Repost #2

Last night I started singing like my youngest.  A repetitive annoying song which Little Miss Sunshine had been doing all day! Muhahaha... She was reading The Silver Chair a bit above her reading level There I was next to her belting out a silly made up Christmas song. Priceless!!!  She at least figured out what I was Doing.. "MOM stop pretending to be me!"  ROFL!

We have decided that Christmas is NOT the most wonderful time of the year, as people act even stranger than normal. The added pressure to Be Happy  just makes everyday worse.  Mom is even more busy than normal and cannot be disturbed. Bah Humbug!

That is why this weekend instead of doing cards I sat with my kids and painted Christmas bulbs. We all had a blast got paint on our clothing and Sweet Potato ruined one of y best brushes. Ahh well it's only a brush right???

Christmas will come and go, I for one will be so happy to see the back side of it, and a return to "normalcy" if anything in this world can be called normal.


  1. us!We try at Thompsons to esteem every day alike. No holiday shopping, or baking, or decorating until you drop. We are free to give thanks for the day each and every day. We don't have to wait to give presents until December 25th. I am not saying everyone has to do it that way. Only that it works for

  2. So true! Gifts of chocolate are welcome any time of the year! Keeping in touch with family that is far away requires a bit of work tho. I'm so glad I'm done enough :-) Being more "Present" with our kids is a gift that is more highly valued in the long run.