Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CTC Unit 20 Watercolor Tutorial

I sure hope I  understood these directions! When it said use blue to drop in clouds I went with what I thought she meant. I'm not very good at that technique tho. I do enjoy it but I need more practice, but on the whole I think that is a good thing since your tots will be doing this for the first time and so the bar is set pretty low... 
 Our supply photo.... lots of colors. 
 You will need black and white if you do not have grey. Here I go mixing it up. 
 Wet grey. 
wetting the blue 
 To drop in blue clouds I mix plenty of water into my light blue paint.
I've switched to this type of pallet because it helps contain the liquid. 
Wet the paper  
 If you work with your paper up right your clouds will drip down and be of a different style. 
I'm following the negative space of the cloud.  
 This is just the beginning of how I drop in clouds. I'm imagining the storm clearing away, it's breaking up and blue sky can be seen peeking though. 
The wet technique has softened the edges of the top clouds. 
 I went in and added the grey and softly infiltrated the the upper clouds. 
 I have No idea if this is right :-) But when I followed the instructions I ended up with a tornado. 
Dabbing off the excess paint really worked well giving me white where there was too much grey.  
Now I wanted lots of flowers. I followed the instructions trying to make masses of them.  
 Do you think I made to many? See how I'm following along in the book. 
Notice how my flowers are just dabs of paint. i used my light green here to add the bent stalks. 
 Part of me wishes I had a better point on my fine brush. 
 More stalks.... 
 I'm now wondering why I added so many flowers But I don't have to add stalks for each one it's up to my whimsy how many I do. 

 I don't have an orange so I mixed some up. Notice how I am adding red into yellow not Yellow into red. adding the darker color in to the lighter in small quantities gives you more control over your paint. 
 See eventually I take over the yellow paint but I have still plenty of red. 
Mix up some pink if you don't have any.  
 Dab dab dab

Here we go with orange 

 Maybe next time I won't make as many flowers...
 Still dabbing. 
 And Complete! 

Here is Little Miss Sunshine's. Sweet Potato was away when hers is complete I'll pop it up. 


  1. Is that really a funnel cloud? Not really what I expected in the backdrop of a happy flower picture! Lol.

  2. Those flowers have been "lodged". We had to look the word up because I didn't know it can also mean flattened! Love your picture!!

    1. Thanks so much! I wondered what Lodged meant as well I so should have looked it up! That funnel cloud made it happen LOL!

  3. thanks this really helped!!