Monday, January 19, 2015

He is Home

So my dear hubby left me again and when he goes he likes to keep it off social media. I totally understand his request, its like posting; Hey I'm at a restaurant 150 miles from home go rob it :-).  I think there are even a few spoof sites called robmenow and so forth.

It was a good time Hubby was happy to be in India and I was happy to let him go.  We ate lots of carb based meals and food we usually don't keep in this diabetic friendly house.  This was one of the best Daddy's not home times.

I kept trying to practice Stephen Covey Jr's Smart Trust on the kids.  Allas Sweet Potato is not yet ready for her iPod all night long long. I'm so amazed at her persistence and ability, to get at Star War Videos on You Tube. Of course this behavior only shows me the depth of her will. She really does have what it takes to push through when it matters to her. Now the first time she "stayed up all night" watching videos it was not a school day afterward. She felt horrible and I let her sleep most of the day.  The second time it was a school day, and well she had to do school and chores and she slogged though the day.  I didn't even bat an eye hey darling look you feel icky and you can barely think all because you lived out a fantasy.

I had the fantasy as a child, I thought my parents stayed up because... well because no one was there to tell them to go to bed. They ruled their life they could stay up ALL night! as I got older and experienced the needs of adulthood I soon discovered bed time is a privilege reserved for the young and responsible-less.  I'm glad she choose to watch videos till 4am and have a horrible day... I'm glad she choose to do it second time. What better place for her to experience the ahem *joys* of sleep deprivation headaches, feeling sick and unable to eat well, and dozing off as soon as you sit down, than in her own home.  I'm not sure she has figured out this is not a good idea, but I do see glimmers of hope.

I think she is becoming aware of all that is required of an adulthood that is responsible, and productive full of good character qualities.
Consider: as parents can we do any better than helping our children to be productive members of society in what ever skills God has bequeathed them?

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