Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Texting Rules When your Mom is a Gamer.

A few weeks ago when I had some free time I managed to get in a group of online friends and raided a dungeon. I really love the interactivity of this part of the game and I love playing with people I know, but I don't do it very often because it means I am not Present enough for my children.  I wasn't feeling great (Aunti Flo was visiting) so I holed up in my bedroom with my nice toasty warm computer and logged on to play and forget my troubles.

My daughter decided it would be a perfect time to text me non stop because well I must be lonely and not very busy since "You are only resting Mom!." After a bit I had to stop playing as I couldn't juggle texting and killing mythical beasts at the same time. Instead I put my tongue in my cheek and wrote these rules while replying to her nonstop texts.

feel free to laugh...

1. If your mom is in the next room go in and talk to her. Really! you are outside my door and you are texting me?

2. If you got your phone, iPod, or texting device taken away don't use your friends device to text mom while she is killing things... unless its an emergency wait then you should call me!

3. Make sure the right person is receiving your texts, if you become to annoying Dad will take the dinging phone that he can hear upstairs away from Mom because it is distracting him...

4. Make sure the back door is securely closed so the dogs don't get out, or mom will have to AFK while her 4 friends wait as she answers the door, and has to holler for anyone NOT wearing a bathrobe to go chase the dogs back in the house. 

5. If she says "I'm killing the boss", or "I'm in a dungeon" realize she is playing with real people... yes you are real person too, but texting one word at a time so Mom is distracted is not funny for the 4 other people counting on her to heal and fight beside them.

6. Stop being weird... texting your mom phrases you want to try out to see how she will react read how angry she will get, while her mind is engaged in killing a boss will most likely lead to you loosing your texting device for even longer periods of time.

7. Texting your mom "is it ok to breath......."  which you have never asked permission to do before because you know it is vital for life. Realize I know your texting just because its fun to text. It is ok until you find out mom is killing a boss. Then please stop texting as is very distracting and can get your mom killed in game.... Mom getting the loot is a happy mom. Mom dying in a dungeon is not a happy mom. It won't break my heart but it does effect my xp! 

As for real life texting rules...

8. Don't text me when you know I'm driving, I want to live to see you graduated high school.

9. If I don't reply right away it doesn't mean I don't love you. It could be one of these reasons:
I'm working.
I didn't hear my phone because Dad turned it on vibrate. because you were texting me so much it was bugging him.
I left my phone in the car again and can't find it.
I'm taking a nap.
Its in my coat pocket on the other side of the room and I'm actually talking to a real person and didn't hear it. 

10. Don't assume I'm mad.

11. Texting is a tool not a toy.

12. Texting is not a replacement for a real conversation or relationship.

13. Saying I LOVE YOU in person has far more meaning than "I heart U"


  1. Yay!!!!! I love these!! And I can totally relate to boss killing......

    1. I wrote this with you in mind Lancre!!!!