Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who Are You and What Have You done With Sweet Potato???

As I dragged my coughing, sleepy self from my bed, and made a smoothie for breakfast, my pajama clad child came down and announced she had only TWO! wait I mean three! subjects left in school.  She had gotten up at precisely 6:11am and went into the school room and did her school.  Whoo hoo...

She rattled off how easy science was and that school is easy today. Picture me rubbing sleep from my eyes and pinching myself to see if I was still sleeping... Is this the child that I forgot to give schoolwork too on Martin Luther King day thus making the transition back to school icky....  Tuesday was horribly long and lasted till 10:30pm!  Well not to look a gift school day in the mouth, I finished off my breakfast and trotted upstairs to check out her progress. Yes it was all getting worked on and the books she had finished with were on the book shelf!  They were not piled on the floor desk and chair like usual.  *happy dance*  I need to give her a big reward, a really big reward for this. Maybe I'll take her to Sonic for lunch...

I did have to hand her back a few quickly done bits and pieces but this... this is progress.

We did talk about a lot of things yesterday,
What are my goals for you, and What are your goals for yourself?
What do you want to do with your life (this changes daily)?
What tools do you need to be able to choose your career?
and I can see that some of it stuck,  for today at least.

I really want her to realize I'm on her side. I want her school done early enough that she has free time.  Lets face it if she is free, I am free as well! School traps me as much, if not more than it does her.  It reminds me of the car example in the Speed of Trust where the son gets a speeding ticket and the parents are in mourning because they had to ground their extra driver.  Now Mom and Dad are stuck having to play chauffeur again when previously the older child could be the chauffeur.

I'm glad to see her have a good day with good patterns, here is hoping it will stick!

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