Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Hate The Internet

Sweet Potato stood there proclaiming "I hate the internet."
Putting on my concerned mom hat I replied "ok sweetie when the man repairs it I won't make you have it again." What sweet words she hates the internet she can stop being a texting zombie!!! whoo hoo (joking). Minor flare of temper later she explained she hates that the internet is down and "My life is OVER! I'm dying" Amazing she is still able to speak through the death nell, maybe she is a zombie. 

I said all joking aside this is an opportunity to draw that poster you wanted to make, read a book, play with someone... I sat and watched more teen drama. I suggested she write a note to her friend (the original texting... a letter) I got more teen drama about not being able to open mailboxes.

So I apologized for being a terrible mom,  ;-) I mean really I must stink at this parenting thing if her life is over because she can't text. I have allowed her to become an "entertain me" child.  She is unable to entertain herself without an electronic device in her hands.  Her reaction was priceless.

Of course if she stepped 10 yards outside she can text from our neighbors wifi that he is generously sharing with us during this media crisis. Should I remind her... or shouldn't I... oh well when I get permission to post this blog the cat will be out of the bag...

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