Monday, February 23, 2015

Did You Notice?

That old saying the shoemakers kids never have shoes is true of web developer wives. For years my hubby has been talking about shifting my blog to Wordpress, getting me monetized as in adding a button for our missionary support, as well as a few other things web related. He was home sick last month with a nasty cold I think he caught it from Mr. Coughy sitting next to him on the plane. I casually mentioned my MIA button and the next thing I know he's asking me what my blog log in is. Huh what who where?  Ta da! its on my side bar!

So I have officially given you the means to get a tax deduction :-) click the link and support this missionary mama! We do need more support. The move too the ACA has kinda killed our current budget. I'm grateful for health care, but the costs are spinning out of control.  Until it stabilizes our input is less than our output. ick! Any and all support is welcome! Do remember our support is raised separately from donations given to the field. 100% of donations given to the field go there, not here.  I really was attracted GFA in the first place because of that integrity, and the fact they had woman missionaries.  

Big XOXOX to my Knight in Shining Armor for making a button 
Love ya baby! 

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