Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ewwww Ticks!

I hate the smell of off... yet I live in tick country so, I took some time to make some DYI "Bug Stuff." After doing some research I picked some options for a Essential Oil based Bug repellent (or discourager).   I noticed last year when I wore lemongrass the mosquitoes would occasionally bite me, unless anyone else was around, then they never went after me.

I took 5 drops of Geranium, 5 drops of Peppermint, 5 of Lavender, and 10 drops of Lemongrass and added it to 4 oz of coconut oil melted. I put it in this cute tub I have and it smells fantastic. I messed about with other flavors and blends but this is the one I liked the best. My Hubby liked Thyme added in but it didn't suit me.  The Geranium is supposed to discourage ticks, and the coconut oil is lovely for my skin. 


  1. Sage oil keeps those buggers away too.. If you can get Sage leaves . bundle them up and dry them out then burn them in a fire pit or on a table.. they will keep those buggers away too.. Just so you know.. UGH.. i been trying to grow my own sage just for doing this but no luck on nice size leave.. Looney(rs)

    1. Hi Looney! my insect deterrent is working great... though if I'm alone outside at dusk they do bite but only after landing 3 times... if I'm in a crowd they find others to eat... Sage smudges work but make me sneeze! You need a nice sage brush to roll into your yard...