Monday, August 6, 2012

Watercolor For Unit 1 CTC

So I thought I'd make a tutorial for how you can paint the Poetry/Art project for Unit One. 

Things you will need:
A wide brush
A skinny brush.
Yellow paint
Brown paint
A pea size amount of each should work just fine.
3X5 card of poetry verse
Newspaper to protect surfaces
Tooth pick (missing from supply shots) 
Art board (optional, helps keep art flat and neat.)
Masking tape (optional, helps keep art flat and neat.) 

Day 1

Do poetry verse

Day 2

Gather your supplies and lay down newspaper. 
Tape paper to the board.
Taping the paper allows it to have a nice clean edge and keeps it from curling.
This is optional but I recommend it, as it makes them much neater to store.
 Just a pea size is enough paint!
 Wet and wipe your bush then load it up with all the paint. 
Draw your brush across the top of the paper. 
See nice bright yellow!  
Dip brush, wipe on side of cup 2x and do it again.  

 And yet again. 
Keep dipping, wiping and drawing your brush across the paper. 
See how the yellow is gradually getting lighter and lighter.  
All done now set aside and let it dry. 

Day 3

Ok I forgot we need a tooth pick, so add that to this bunch of supplies.
Note how nice and flat my painting is. 
 Here again you only need a small amount of paint. A little goes along way. 
I washed off half that paint at the end so even that small amount was to much. 
  Here I have added 3-4 drops of water from my brush into the paint and I'm mixing it to make it smooth. 
Draw the trunk don't worry if its not big enough now, you can always make it bigger later. 
 Added branches. 
 I found I had to stop here and use the toothpick to draw the bark.
It is very very dry here in TX!
The paint was drying so fast.
So keep an eye on the trunk and once it starts to set,
grab that toothpick and scratch in some bark. 
 I added in branches as my fancy prescribed. 
Look here I went over the first branch I put in. Trees do this, so its ok to overlap your branches.
No seriously go look at a tree... I'll wait... Did you look?
Tree branches over lap and under lap and go every which way, so anywhere you want to put one go ahead put one.  
 Oh no! The top is not dry, but I want to paint on the other side. See how I stuck my pinkie down on a dry part of the painting to steady my hand. (Only do this if your finger is CLEAN!). 

So you don't think you can paint a leaf? On scrap paper, see what happens if you just gently press your brush to paper. If you like the results you can easily make a leaf this way.  Himm looks like a Ginko leaf. But I don't want a Ginko leaf, I think I'll paint my own.
 Painted my own... Now let dry. 

Day 4

 Add your poetry verse and your all ready to frame it... Ok it's not this weeks verse its unit 2's but it saved me from having to write it all out.  :-) Note how flat the painting is. 
Here is Little Miss Sunshine's painting. See how curled it is and not as nice looking.
If we had taped down the edges, it would be neater.
Even curled up I think it is FABULOUS! 

I'd like to thank Little Miss Sunshine for being my photographer today! She does great work! 


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Both paintings are lovely.


  2. I am so excited that you have posted this! I hope that you will continue to post these as you continue through CTC. My son is doing CTC this year as well and it looks like you are a week ahead of us.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these directions. Love the visual aids. We'll be doing this tomorrow. Thanks again!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that we just started CTC, and are using this tutorial even today. Thanks for your faithfulness to put these up.

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    1. Thank you so much! I am leading a co-op class and your tutorials will be so helpful! :)

  6. Oh you guys *blush* thanks I'm so gald you can use them! Don't forget your portable hair dryer for that class it may become an invaluable tool!

  7. I recommend you do a landing post with all your watercolor tutorials linked on one page with a pinnable image. You would get SO much traffic to your blog from everyone who is doing HOD and others as well. These tutorials are amazing! Thank you for having done this!

  8. oh my I have no idea what that means.... Oh no... time to call web guy husband... Honi.....

  9. Hi there! I love seeing your tutorials. We did this last year, and I loved it as much as the kids. I have a question, is there an area that you have the little poetry box explanation posted? I have passed by manual onto another homeschooling family that needed it, but am now thinking of leading a small class I am calling Poetry in Art for the local Christian Homeschool Co-op we attend. I would love to just be able to read the poem to the students as well as give them the directions they need and follow your tutorials. Thanks so much!

    1. Ahh the ethical dilemma this puts me in...
      I don't think I can share the poems since that is part of a book HOD sells. I recommend you call Mike and Carrie. I bet they would be happy to help you teach your class.
      Sara :-)

  10. No worries! I am just going to purchase another manual. :) DO you have any suggestions on where to buy the paint supplies at a low cost? I had just purchased them at Michael's last year when we did it for our family, but I will have many more kiddos to buy for. I am trying to go about it the most economical way. Thanks so much!

  11. oops sorry! That was me Tawnya ( not sure why my name isn't showing up)

  12. Oh My! Sorry Tawnya I moved on July 4th and have been experiencing life without internet. I used to love Dick Blicks as a low cost art supplier, I'm not sure now but if they still do what they used to the more you buy the chapter it is. Lowe Cornell is usually a decent student quality at a low cost. Canson makes decent student water color paper.

  13. Thank you soooo much! My son is doing this project tomorrow and he said it sounded a little confusing. Now can show him this post and he will surely be more confident.