Thursday, August 9, 2012

CTC watercolors Unit 2

Your supplies are all listed in the book so I just pictured them here. 
You may have more than one brown. You will have to choose between them. 
 If your taping it down, now is the time to do that. 
 You can use your normal wide brush.
I have to admit when I do a wet paper technique
I love my big ol paint brush. It gets the job done quickly.
But your regular big bush will work just fine too.  
 Blot the paper  
Here is Little Miss Sunshine doing it. 

You will need 2 pea size of light blue to fill a 11x15 page
 Cover the page with blue color. 

Add the green. 
 Uh Oh I didn't follow the directions and I made a mistake.
I put a green stripe down in the bottom!! No problem I can fix that mistake. 
Grab your thick brush and wet it lightly.
Quickly brush back and forth lifting up I managed to sop up the green mistake. 
 Now it's the kids turn. 

 Add green strokes 
Sweet Potato's efforts.  

 Day 3
Now I had to choose between these 2 browns Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber  
Since I didn't like either of them alone. I mixed them.
That is what I love about paint you don't have to use it straight from the tube you can play with it. 

 Here is a trick. I curved the bottom of the branch where it comes out of the water.
Because branches are round, and it helps it look right. 
 Outline with black. I advise using 1-2 drops of water to the paint before you outline with it.
Straight from the tube it can be a bit thick and hard to work with. 
 Sweet Potatoes advice is to set aside any bracelets you might have at this point. 
 Little Miss Sunshine says, put up your long hair, or you might end up getting painted highlights. 
 Little Miss Sunshine chose Burnt Sienna 
 Sweet Potato chose Burnt Umber
Any of them work it's what you fancy. 
 Remember only a tiny bit of paint is needed. 
 Look at that concentration. 
 Little Miss Sunshine did not! like using the tooth pick Ahhhhhhh it doesn't act like a paint brush. 
 Oh NO!!! she made the shadow all messy Mom I hate it... 
 She tried to erase it but it was not going away! 
 Boo hoo!!! what too do! 
So we added in a new branch , All better! 
 Sweet Potato added in her shadows. 
 Don't forget to add in the black strokes at the top. 
 Don't forget to sign your work. 
 When you are done put away your supplies. 
 Clean up your brushes and your pallet
 My final painting. 
Here are the kids Masterpieces. 


  1. I am visiting from the HOD Blogroll and wanted to share a weekly HOD Highlights meme that I am starting to inspire and encourage others using HOD.

    I hope that you will share your HOD posts and link up with others. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone is using Heart of Dakota. (LoVe this post .... such beautiful artwork!)

    Many Blessings, Tamara

  2. Thanks Tamara I'm gonna try for a post today or tomorrow on unit 3.