Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Go to BED!!!

Ever have one of those nights where your slacking and the kids are still up... it's way past their bed time and you realize; "They must go to bed now! Or I may end up in the funny farm."  Yup I had that kinda night.

My Knight in Shining Armor is really awesome he puts them to bed most nights.  When we first adopted I was working from home and I typically worked 7pm to 11pm. Thus he got into the habit of putting the child to bed. I have carefully nurtured this habit for a decade.

Tonight was a different story, work followed  him home today. It happens, we usually roll with the punches and carry on. Alas Sweet Potato did something with the right intentions but with bad results. I ended up helping her make a cloth book cover to fix her sisters quiet time journal, she accidentally "ruined." Bed time routine got delayed. I also felt it would behoove me to make a cover for Sweet Potatoes journal. I know the green eyed monster will rear it's ugly head as soon as she figures out her sisters QT journal is prettier than her plain old one. So I took the 20 minutes now, to stave off hideousness later.  I think this falls under the High Nurture part of I.D.E.A.L. parenting.  It was the last thing I wanted to do but I knew I needed to do it.

I have come to the conclusion that Sweet Potato is in no way a princess. How did I come to this conclusion you ask??? Well after I had managed to get them clothed in PJ's, snacks eaten, teeth brushed, hugs and kisses delivered, a drink of water given, Daddy is now required to pray with them before they can go to sleep.  Alas the room was in need of some clean up. A full morning working at the cafe, followed by a full day of school apparently means while we were away a tornado hit just their room.

I check on the mess Daddy is concern about and, yes it qualifies as a fire hazard.  A 5 minute room rescue is in order. I step out to let them work magic on their room. You know stuff all clothing in corners hide books under the bed...

Upon my return I note the classic pile and hide technique was employed by Sweet Potato. It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. A 2.5 foot hump was at the end of her bed covered in a bright yellow poke-a-dotted blanket.  I pulled off the blanket and I found
4 pairs of jeans (clean)
4 pairs of shorts (clean)
2 pairs of shorts (dirty)
3 pairs of undies (questionable)
1 pair of leggings (clean)
a kitchen towel (huh?)
a bath towel (dry!)
coloring book
a Nancy Drew (now dog eared)
2 Star Wars graphic novels (fair condition)
1 set of pajamas (questionable)
1 adult slip (how did that get in here?)
3 blankets (assorted sizes) and yes we keep our house at 80 in the hot summers these are a necessity!!!

While sitting on the bed folding and sorting and making her put things away, I find something sticking into me... So I commence dissecting her bed.

Anyone who can sleep with the following IN her bed cannot possibly pass the Princess Pea Test.
6 leggo pieces ranging from Darth Vaders head to a 3x5 building plate.
4 pens
2 pencils (Sharp!)
2 markers (caps were on!)
3 Journals
1 3 ring binder
7 stuffed animals
4 blankets (including the weighted blanket) note were up to 7 blankets.
2 LIBRARY!!! books Yippie Found!!! (that are not allowed to be in her bed room for fear of them being eaten by the dog.) Why that dog loves library books is beyond me, but he cannot resist them! 
1 flashlight (batteries dead)
3 full size pillows (hello 2 of these are the guest pillows! No Dog Hair allowed!, needs must wash these now.)
and 4 pairs of undies... (now I know why she can't find any underwear.)

I have not been able to stop giggling as I write this, I'm sure my mom found as much stuff, if not more in my bed at various times in my life. I am absolutely positive, it was super uncomfortable, but since she managed to sleep without complaint she cannot be a princess. :-P

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