Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creation To Christ HOD Unit 1

Yesterday we finished Unit 1 took over a week but were easing into it.
The kids had a blast with the science experiment. Making a royal mess but having so much fun! 
Sorry about the blur they were moving so FAST!

Yeah! skittles, who knew the blue would be the hardest to find.
I love how I am able too work a bit with the kiddos then let them do a independent box, while I sweep the floor, or do some laundry, prep lunch. Last year running two programs, I was hopping back n' forth between them. Two programs are totally doable, but I can say my house is/will be cleaner this year.

Another reason is the new book shelves yeah! that give me ample room to store the school books. A couple of bins to box and banish the art supplies and all things that clutter up school.

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