Monday, November 5, 2012

Division: How we do it.

I learned this technique from Our Nuro-Coach it has been extremely helpful in our math journey.
We have taught her a "script" on how to handle the big problems to get them right every time.
Originally I let her divide candies and manipulative's to do simple math problems.
12 divided by 3 = 4 in each group. This became unnecessary when she memorized all her division facts via Rapid Recall. Suddenly division became easy.  Then we advanced to larger problems.  Difficulties arise with large division problems they can not be easily divided using a loops and groups method or manipulative's. It can be useful to let them try a few large problems using manipulative's so they can see why we use long division.

Sweet Potato struggles with poor handwriting and in math neatness COUNTS! so we use Graph paper to help her keep her work organized.
You can print graph paper for free online here.

 She asks herself "Can I divide 4 into 3 NO! 4 is greater than 3 so I cross out the space above 3. 
 She under lines the 2 numbers she is looking and asks "Can I divide 4 into 38, yes! How many times? I don't know. I'll count by 4 till I get close." She draws dots as she counts "Oh 36 is almost 38 I'll stop. Now I count my dots. I have 9! Thirty eight can be divided by 9.  I'll write that down next to my x and above the part I was dividing. 

 Ok Now she says "What do I do next.. oh multiply 9x4 is himmmm 36 I write that under the 38."  And yes it does take her a few minutes to realize the answer has not changed. 
 Now she subtracts. 
 Then she says "bring down and draws the arrow. the arrow is important to fill that space so she won't want to write there. 
Ok now she needs to repeat her steps. 
So it starts again "Can I divide 4 into 22 himmmm" Count till the answer is found. 
 Write it down. 
 Multiply and write it in the proper place. 
Repeat... Ask yourself can 2 be divided by 4? No it is a remainder. 
Write remainder and your done. 

Now I did these all separate so you could see each piece, Don't do that... just keep moving down the division problem like normal. 

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  1. I love the x so you don't accidentally use that spot.