Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Anatomy of a Teddy Bear

This is the teddy bear my grandmother made. I remember a bed full of teddy bears, a virtual forest of them to choose from. They were all different because grandma made them from scraps and donated material. I looked and looked but none stood out like this bear. He once had red corduroy overalls. They have long since worn away to tatters. This is my attachment object. I used to stress out that I couldn't take him with me if we had a fire. I couldn't sleep without him hugged tight within my arms.

I still have him after years, and years, and years.  He was my confidant and playmate when no one else would play with me. He also came in handy, when I needed to whack my brother. He was the embodiment of my grandmothers hugs and love for me.
So here is:
The Anatomy of a Teddy Bear. 

Little ears to hear all your dreams, joys, and sorrows.

Pink nose to kiss.

Rough fabric worn smooth.
Corduroy worn to the weft from too much play. 

Flattened stuffing from being slept on,

Hugged almost to pieces.

Mismatched repairs because he needed "surgery"

Eyes that rattle so you can find him when he hides under the covers.

Stains from mud and pie.

The love of a grandmother felt everyday.

In loving memory of Grandma (Margaret) Rodriguez 1923 - 2012

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