Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homeschooling Bloggers Guide To...

Coming home after being stranded due to Hurricane Sandy.

Step 1. Toss your expectations out the air plane window.
Step 2. Ignore the mess, and turn off all the kids alarms. Allowing ample time for you to sleep in. Really just walk past it. It is not going anywhere, it will be there tomorrow. My Knight in Shining Armor was single parenting while I was away. This is actually not bad for 7 days unbridled vacation.  Sleep as late as the kids will let you.
Step 3. Cancel any new school till your sure you are current on your existing unit. 
Step 4. Seek and destroy all sticky spots, wet spots and spilled sodas the monkeys kids ignored. 
 Step 5. Unpack luggage and take that swag bag that is so NOT  you and, offer it to your fashionista.  Win win for all involved! Now your the best mom on the block!
Step 6. Realize your child is wearing 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of socks and a sweater when its 75 degrees outside. Upon finding out she is prepped and ready for Hurricane Sandy, hold a geography lesson on where WE are and where the frankenstorm is now breaking apart.  
 Step 7 A. Realize you have slept through breakfast and it's nearly lunch time. Decide to "surprise" Daddy at work and take him out to lunch. (So you don't have to cook or think about what may or may not be in the  kitchen.)

 Step 7 B. Go for Thai so you can talk about how Thai isn't an "English" word. because it ends in i.

 Step 8. Reset your bio-rhythms by doing missed parts of school outside at the park.
 Step 9. Take a walk to the playground.

Step 10 A. Buy your kids happy hour drinks at Sonic and get them half off candy because as Little Miss Sunshine put it to her friend Lullaby "I want to see my mom more than I want candy, so I'm going to the airport to pick her up."  
Step 10 B. Feel special cause your kid loves you more than candy. 

 Step 10 C. When they can't decide throw caution to the wind and buy both bags.
Step 11. Buy air dry clay so they can finish independent history and let it be a joint project so you don't have to supervise and you can go tweet how much more your child loves you than candy.

 Revel in the fact they are smiling. 
Step 12. Explore the refrigerator and concoct a simple one bowl meal so you have time to blog about what a great day you had with your smiling kiddos. 

Step 13. Go to bed early so you have energy to clean the kids room tomorrow. 

On a sadder note: 
Hopefully this week I can get up a post about my wonderful Grandma who passed away on October 31st. She was amazing.

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