Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Update

I got to go to the Allume Bloggers Conference, which was in a word awesome in 2 words amazing and fabulous.  I was planning on flying back to DFW on Monday... American Airlines had other plans.

I was so glad, I had a great time weathering the storm with friends I haven't seen in years. They are the kind of friends where it seems like you chatted with them last week, even if all you ever see of them is their posts on Facebook. They are amazing people with 2 wonderful children who treat me like GOLD!  Of course I will play Leggo you name it on play station with them and will read * another book * while snuggling under the covers. 

I miss my kiddos but Wow being "auntie" is super fun, everyone wants me to sit next to them whoo hoo!. I call them my paparazzi. I love their unconditional love and it blows me away. 

So I'm so grateful Hurricane Sandy kept me here for a few extra days, I may be cold cause it's not 80 degrees outside but my heart is warm. 

I hope to be back home posting new water color tutorials for you real soon. Pray I make it back in good time to my Knight in Shining Armor who is being a groovy single parent at the moment

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