Thursday, October 18, 2012

CTC Watercolor Tutorial Unit 11

Well this week we are doing 2 paintings instead of one.
Both are for "Fractured Sky"
Day 2
Supplies. I highly recommend the "Big" Paint brush. Were still in a dry period here in TX. I made a TON of mistakes this week. I Posted them so you can see what not to do. :-) 

The new masking tape is old fashioned masking tape, not the new fangled blue painting tape. It has a stronger adhesive. If you are having problems with the tape releasing. Here is a simple trick. 
BOYS love this bit... 
Stick the tape to your arm lightly. 
 Then peel it off now it will still stick well but release your paper. The oil on your skin does the rest.
Ok it does hurt a wee bit when you peel it off.  Weird painting tip is now over.. 

 For the first one we are instructed to use light blue, a large pea size did well. 
 Wet your paper with clean water. Lightly!
Do not over work your paper (Like I did).
This project really needs a good heavy weight paper. This paper we use is 120 Pound (Carrie recommends 140 Pound.) I Know this painting would have been more forgiving on a rough 140# watercolor paper.
For those of you using card stock, or sketch pad paper.
If you can, get a good piece of water color paper and cut it half for both projects, you will be glad you did. 
 I whetted the blue paint a bit. 
 I left good sized space between my blots. Work quickly blob and hold then lift and blob again. 
I was instructing the photographer and did not move quickly enough. 

 See how much those first blobs have spread out. Then the phone rang.. Don't leave your painting... It was just a recorded vote for your favorite candidate call anyway. 
 I came back and kept blobbing but the paper dried out!!! So I got creative... 
Using my handy dandy fingers I lightly whetted the white space.  
 It helped some... 
Please observe the left side was too dry :-( but the right side...
 turned out exactly as Carrie described it should. :-) 
 Sweet Potato got her paper a bit too wet she was worried it would dry out.
She also forgot to put down her newspaper, good thing water colors wash off.
 Wash up and put away your supplies. 
 She's So Beautiful. :-)  

Day 3
Can you see the eye dropper next to the cup of water... it's there really it is!
I decided to use the dark blue for this days painting.. bad idea... total flop. Use light blue! 
 As usual a large pea size is enough for the painting. 
 Wet the paper and DO NOT over work it. 
 This is what happens when you over work your paper. It starts pilling up.
I'm muzzy headed and still have that cold... I was having problems today! LOL!

 Once the paper is wet. 
 Blot it off. I was out of paper towels, so my handy dandy cotton rag came to my rescue. 

Load up your brush and paint an even back ground, work quickly and gently unlike me... 

Oh no I cleaned my brush after I finished the blue... I better not use this water it's dirty! 
 Ahh that is better. Nice and clear. Don't wait too long, I waited till my paint was not shiny as instructed, BUT...
 when I dripped nothing happened. 
 If I squirted really close to the paper I got a bit of what should be happening... Then this delivery guy that was supposed to come between 8am and 2pm YESTERDAY! showed up and well I put the kibosh on this painting.  When it doesn't turn out you can always try again. 
 So I did a do over and used light blue. 
 Ok not so even in color, but the kids were getting impatient to do their paintings.  
 I also did not wait as long this time around. The paint was not shiny, but not dull. Somewhere in between was just right. (Yes I feel like Goldilocks right about now.)
 See how it is carrying away the blue and leaving fluffy clouds. 
 Big drops Little Drops. 
The paper was better, I was able to stop before I obviously overworked it.  

I like that! 

Day 4
Add your poetry and be proud of your work!  

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  1. I love all your comments and will be doing CTC this coming year with my dd. Thank you SO much for posting all of this stuff on your blog and sharing your year with so many moms preparing to come through this level.