Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Years ago I wondered if Sweet Potato would ever voluntarily take a shower or a bath. At one point in her life getting her clean was like giving a cat a bath.  You end up covered in scratches. You pull a muscle in your back. The bathroom looks like a tornado hit it.  You managed to clean the paws and you got a good part of the body.  Yet you wonder was it worth the effort?

Enter the teen years. Now the child begs for body wash. One day you have a CVS coupon and buy it for her. A big bottle, mango flavored. Your also tired of the fact there never seems to be any shampoo so you go for the huge ginormous bottles with pumps. You think to your self, now she will stop using shampoo as body wash and one pump is more than enough to wash her short hair.

5 showers later you realize the error of your ways.  Now as my child exits the bathroom, a wave of pink tinted perfume floods the house, making all but said stinky?? perfumey?? "drenched in scent" child, start coughing and nauseous, Little Miss Sunshine got an instant headache.  Meanwhile I smell pretty child cavorts in her bed room pretending to be a fairy. Flinging the smell scent to the 4 corners of the house.

After a few days of noticing a rash at her hair line, and a seriously itchy back. it clicks. I never said I was fast on the uptake. I remembered the incident in the spring. She used Bed Bath and Beyond soap as a face mask. I do not recommend this unless you want an in-home chemical peel.  It's simple really, take hand soap apply to face let dry for 4-5 days in a row. Your face will then shrivel up like a prune, peel after 2 weeks and be intensely itchy. Ahh the price we pay for beauty. No she isn't allowed BB&B soap in her bathroom any more. 

So at risk of hurling I approached the "drenched in perfume child" and pat her hair... oh my! It felt like someone had poured grease in it. I hauled her back to the shower and took a wet wash cloth to her. She lathered right up! No soap necesaary. Oh my she is at it again! A glance at the body wash lets me know she must have used 1/4 of the bottle on herself today.  Hence why I feel like I have morning sickness even tho I've never been pregnant. I also rinsed about a quart of conditioner out of her hair. (ok so I'm totally exaggerating that amount it was "Only FOUR pumps MOM!").

We must find the bright side to all of this... She is washing, she cares how she smells, she wants to look pretty.  All good things in the right direction. Now if I can just train her to moderation...

Yes all my windows and door are open. Praise the Lord its not 90 degrees outside! 

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  1. I love it!!!! Now to teach moderation :)