Friday, October 5, 2012

CTC Units 8-9 Check In

I love this drawing Little Miss Sunshine did of The Ark of The Covenant.
I grabbed it before she cut it up and snapped a photo. 

 Little Miss Sunshine's red sea crossing. 

 Sweet Potato's Red Sea Crossing. She really struggles with fine motor control.
I can proudly say she did this all by herself tho.  The fact that she tried and stuck to it even tho it wasn't working out the way she wanted it to. Taped and glued back on pieces that ripped off. It may not look pretty but a whole lotta heart went into this. 

 Note booking pages Unit 8 

I haven't shown you  any of the science notebooks yet so here is the foot prints of horses.
Little Miss Sunshine wasn't done yet. 
 Sweet Potato is so diligent about putting in those bible verses. 
 She couldn't find the pallet so she covered a plate with plastic wrap.
Handy tip for those of you who want quick clean up of paint projects. 

 Here she is putting it together. 
Adding some extra curves.  
I love this hat! 
This was taken right before she said "Mom I need help with the chin strap. Sister used up all the tape." 

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