Friday, February 1, 2013

CTC Unit 21 Watercolor Tutorial

We will be painting a seascape today. 
This looks like all we will need. See instructions in your guide :-) 

 Tape down your paper if you want it to dry flat. 
 We did not have orange so we will be mixing it up. Do mix up your paints before you start. 
 Add white to your pink 
 I needed more white to get a nice pink I liked. 
 Now add a bit of red to the yellow 
 Slowly pull in red to make the orange. 
 When you get a orange you like make it lighter by adding in white. 
 draw a line to set your Horizon. 
 I like perfect circles so I cheated and used a glass. 
 See soooo Circular
 I drew in clouds. 
 Now there is more than one way to cover up the clouds.
I'm going the show you how to use scissors or a Exacto knife. 
 When you lay down the tape keep peeling it back up as you draw over your lines. So you can see if you are drawing the tape lines over the lines on the paper. 
 For this cloud I used the Exacto knife and cut away my drawn lines.  Uh oh I have a bit I missed but i can add back in a piece of tape there 
 Carefully peel back the unneeded tape. 
Here I just guessed and cut a bit here and there as i was laying the tape down. 
 Sweet Potato decided she wanted to use a ruler to make her horizon. 
We also discovered if you tape it down lightly and peel it back up the pencil line is picked up by the sticky side. If you are careful you can cut along the lines and then taping it back down. 

 For the sun I taped it part way. 
 Placed the glass over the lines I can still see, and traced on tip of the tape. 
Then add another piece of tape and finish taping the circle. 
I used the Exacto Knife to make a perfect cut and peeled away the excess. 
 Here is Little Miss Sunshine trying it. 
 She is carefully peeling away the tape. 
 I was drinking tea with cream while I was working... 
Can't tell you how many times I almost picked up this cup!!!! 
No this is not tea don't be tempted to drink it. 

 I got clean water  for the next step. 
 Wet down your painting. 
 Paint blue at the top. 
 Then merge in the light orange.  My brush still had a bit of blue on it.,
but it worked out ok the yellow sky has hints of blue like a sky does.
Finish with the soft red. I know your thinking This is water shouldn't it be blue??? 
Don't worry it will be wonderful in the end. 
End day 2 Place in a safe place to dry. 

Day 3

 Carefully peel away the tape.
You may experience ripping if you pressed to hard or peel it up before it is completely dry. 
 Whew no major destruction and a nice white sun. 
 This piece if tape took a lot of paper up with it. 
You don't need this much yellow, but the rest are about right. 
 Outline your sun. 
 Use the tooth pick to make fine lines on the edges of clouds
 Think about where will the sun fall?  Then put glints of yellow there. 
 Now use a small flat brush. 
 Mix up your paint till you get a nice shade of purple/pink 

I used plenty of water on my brush so the paint flows and has feathery edges.  
 Now add in blue to your paint. 
 Do the clouds further from the sun. 
 I brought it right down to the edge. to show the refection of the sea. 
 Now mix up a wet blue. If you make it do thick the red won't show through as well. 
 Paint over the red and you have a lovely sea. Don't worry about the thick and thinness of the paint, see how those extra lines make waves for me. 
And we are done. 

Here is all our completed art work. 

Hope you love your painting too! 


  1. Beautiful! I seriously can't wait until my little artists get to CtC. We're in Bigger now, and loving it. There is so much to look toward to in each guide :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet words :-) these paintings are so much fun!

  3. Sara - Great job on the sunset!! Thanks for all of the pictures!


  4. Wow that's awesome! Wow love the purple water!

  5. At first we tried cutting a cloud with scissors. Then I used Sara's xacto knife tip, but on scrap cardboard. We traced a glass for the sun, then cut it out with the knife. Then we outlined our clouds, peeled the shape we wanted up from the cardboard, and put it on the watercolor paper. Much easier than scissors!