Thursday, February 14, 2013

CTC Watercolor Tutorial Unit 23

I knew their was a reason I found Macintosh apples at Sprouts this week :-) 
A red hued apple comes in handy for this unit. Lighting Storms mom whisked her away right after she finished her first apple. I also found out she mainly buys Red Delicious. I always thought that name was an oxymoron but apparently they appeal to some people.  I have sensory issues with pears and Red Delicious fall squarely in that category! So this painting was exciting I got so excited I broke one of my rules and painted my apple dead center. Oh no :-) Remember to break lines and keep things off center to make your painting more interesting.  Don't worry I gets fixed in the end. 

Day 2
 My super large paint brush has gone missing but If I had it I would have used it here today. 
 Tape down your paper if you want a clean edged flat panting. 
 Brown and blue for today. Here we have enough for 2 paintings. 
 I mixed up my light blue add water too! 
Here I'm adding a bit of water to make my paint watery. 
 You can do this painting horizontally or vertically. 
 here I'm making the boards to my wooden table.
 Be sure to leave the white space in between. 
 keep going. 
 Once you have made 3 boards stop... 
 Paint your blue lines down carefully do your best to keep them straight. 
 I'm a bit wobbly too its ok it gives your painting charm.
 Once you have them all down, load up on paint and paint across.
It is fine  you have to stop and reload your brush. 
 All done here lets see how the girls do. 
 Lighting Storm has her own technique. it worked perfectly fine.
She wanted to do it this way, and ya know I was cool with it. 
 I really need to get a few more bushes if we keep having guests. 
 Shes got a pretty small brush...
 But look she did great with it! 
 Sweet Potato is having a "Teen Moment." 
 See upside down perfection! Set in a safe place to dry over night. 

Day 3
 See I'm following the directions and looking at my still life subject.
It was a delicious Macintosh. Yummmy! 
 I hope you can see my sketch. 
 I painted the yellow it was not as watery as I made the blue. You do want it wet, just not too wet. You may need to experiment here on a scrap paper. You want your paint thick enough to cover up the brown and blue, but wet enough to merge with the green. 
 I looked at the apple see how I contoured the yellow? That helps make it look round and globular.
If you can try to match the apple you have on hand look for the subtle changes in color.  
 Now I added in the green and really gave my edge a nice wet paint.
They merged pretty well which gives it a natural look.  
 Now for the red, the paint really melded together. 
 Ok I'm party way done. 
 Lighting Storm drew a great Red Delicious apple from memory! 
 Off she goes!
 All right fantastic! 
 Oh no looks like we couldn't resist that tasty mackintosh! Yum Yum! 
 Little Miss Sunshine is thinking...
 Sweet Potato is munching on apple while painting. 
 Little Miss Sunshine put hers off center 
Sweet Potato broke boundary lines 
Now add in your shadows and don't forget to paint another apple! 
Put in a safe place to dry and frame appropriately.
Clean your pallet and brushes!

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