Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CTC Watercolor Tutorial Unit 24

Today we get to illustrate Robert Frosts most famous of poems. 
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Day 2
 Here are the supplies that are listed in your guide. 
 Tape down your paper. 
 Here are your colors for today You only need the tiniest bit of black. 
Ariel's BFF we'll call her Gigi, knew the poem and asked a very good question, "It takes place at night so why is the sky light blue?"  Looking back I think it would be fine to use your darker blue or light blue paint as a base. As long as it is really watery.  I think the painting would work either way. 
 As always I put a arrow telling me when to quit with the first color. 
 Wet the paper.
Blot the paper. 
 Add water
 Water down your blue paint well. 
 Make even strokes on the top third of your painting. 
 Start mixing the grey by adding in very tiny amounts of black you want it to be snow,
 not dirty slush on the road. 
 Paint gray all the way down. 
 All done lets see how the girls are doing. 
 Remember paint the blue evenly. 
 Sweet Potato is hilarious "Mom look its a white Tauntaun in a white out on Hoth."  
Mom can you pull up the blinds! 
 Almost done! Set aside in a safe place to dry!
Total painting time: about 10 minutes. 

Day 3
Lightly draw a road/path.  
 Use the thin side of your flat brush to make thin tracks at the far side of your road. 
 Slowly thicken the ruts as you come to the close side of your path. 

 Ok on to the next step. 
 ok photo shop did somethign gfunky with my shadows. really the pallet is not upside down! 
 Mix a bit of yellow in with your blue to make a olive green. 

 Wad up a paper towel blot clumps of trees in the distance. 
 blot... blot... blot...

 In the foreground paint large trees.  
 In the back ground paint tiny small trees. 
 Oopsie a Mistake!  I blotted up most of the paint with a paper towel. 
 Not so bad now. 
 Use dark brown to add details to the trees in the foreground. 
I wanted my woods to be very woodsy So I took my time and painted many trees. 
 Sweet Potato was so excited about her BFF being here she really didn't pay attention and we have a very calligraphic modern art style... It's growing on me. 
 Little Miss Sunshine made a big boo boo in the crotch of this tree. 
 We used water to paint off the brown below the limb. Adding a dark shadow took care of the mess. 
I really like Gigi's treatment. Those are obviously great big oak trees. 

Total amount of painting time; for Sweet Potato around 10 minutes, for the rest of us about 30. 


  1. Total amount of blogging? 3 hrs. !! :-)

  2. So I was kind of getting cold feet about doing these next year to be honest. I told to dc about doing Atelier and they agreed until I showed them your posts. LOL. They both said they want to do the watercolors and get really good at them. After going through several of them with my dc I'm super excited about them. So much I believe I'm going to buy enough supplies for myself to join in. Thanks for all the work you put into blogging these. It will help lots of people for years to come. Love that you put the time on how long it took. That is super helpful in planning as well.

    Do you have a post on where you bought your supplies or which ones you would suggest?

  3. Oh I just picked up stuff at Hobby Lobby I found my water colors in the clearance section twice! I have loads of brushes and art stuff around the house. the only thing I insist upon is good and large paper. The supplies list is in the introduction under Learning the Basic Components:Poetry.
    on the HOD boards
    and here they discuss Supplies Hope that helps

  4. Just LOVE your watercolor tutorials! They are such a HUGE help! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Sooooooo cool!!!! 😎 I love painting trees 🌲
    U r amazing 😉