Friday, February 8, 2013

CTC watercolor Tutorial Unit 22

So today we are looking at things from a new perspective. If you were a bird and looking down on the tree tops what would you see??? Lets find out.  
 All supplies are listed in your book. 
 Tape down your paper if you want it to dry flat. Remember the rough side is  up. 
 Start out with a small amount of paint, but we did discover this painting is a paint hog. It gobbled up a whole tube! Of course the fact we had lots of guests today contributed to the excessive use. 
 Wet your paper. 
 Blot dry.
 Start off very light. 
 Make a center circle. 
Add in a bit of dark green.  
 Go around your circle letting the paints meld is fine. 
 Add in more of the dark green. 
 Keep working your way around the green bulls eye. 
 When you get the edge just keep following the curve.
You will be tempted to make up an down stroke to fill in... DON'T!
Keep doing the circular thing. 
 I worked one side then the other. 
 Now finish the other side. 
 Set aside in a safe place to dry. 
 We were joined by Lullaby and Lighting Storm today. 
 Off they go. 
 I barely had enough flat and wide brushes. 
 She is saying this is my drinking water don't stick paint bushes in it.
 They start the bulls eyes. 
 Look how nicely they are sharing :-)

 Every one has their own way of doing it. 
 Such concentration. 
 Uh Oh Lighting strikes twice, lighting knocked over her glass. Bwahahaha! 
 Almost done. 
 Here Sweet Potato didn't follow the curve see how it looks odd... 
 Lighting Storm is ready to fly! 

Day 3 
We started by crumpling up our paper towels
Crumple, crumple, crumple
This is what we need for today.
Add water to your dark green paint. 
Look how crumpled this is. Were good to go! 
Dab dab randomly but in clumps
Make clumps of tree leaves.
So I have the start of clumps. 
Mix in a bit of blue paint. 
Dab over your clumps. 
Here we are, I got a bit excited and dabbed everywhere. 
Now for your brown paint,
mix in a bit of water so its smooth.
Now add tree limbs. 
Off the kids go. 

 This was a full tube of paint. when we started. Oh my! 
Connect any outlying clumps of leaves. 
Everyone has a different approach

See her tree is all connected. 
Sweet Potato thought she had to make trunks. 
Little Miss Sunshine made a central trunk.

That's all for today! Don't forget to clean up your mess! 


  1. Just wondering how long it takes to do the paintings?

  2. Since we blog them we do them on the same day, usually Thursdays. Set up takes about 10 minutes. Depending on the difficulty anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of painting "Per Day" with 5-10 minutes of clean up. Typically it't 2 hours to capture the photographs and allow for drying time, but we are stopping and starting a lot.

  3. Looks like you had a fun group painting with you!

  4. oh Yes the house was mobbed with squealing, giggling girls!