Thursday, August 22, 2013

CTC Help for Unit 2

Roll out your cylinder as per instructions in book. 
I didn't have wax paper so I used a light colored construction paper make a piece that fits your cylinder 
 I'm using my drawing marker it will bleed through. 

 Flip it over, see the backwards writing? 
 I'm enhancing it for you. 
 Wrap around your soft clay. 
 I taped mine it keeps it steady. 
 This did not work well, not even with wax paper. See my needle, I have an alternative solution. 
Use your needle to poke holes through the paper,
then take it off , scribe in the letters and symbols with your pencil. 
All done. you may need to re-roll your cylinder occasionally to help it keep it shape.
Let dry and roll into wet clay and you will be able to read it. 

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