Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little Free Library

I was walking with my friend a few weeks ago and came across this:

 What is that??? A Little Library on the walking path!!

This is brilliant. 

Here is a close up. It's so cool! what a perfect place to get a book for vacation. If you lose it, or it becomes damaged who cares you don't HAVE to return that exact book.  They ask you to add books and write notes in them. My daughter got so excited.  We were doing spring cleaning at the time. She has lots of books she has outgrown and I dug through my shelves as well. I found a few doubles I could part with. 

 We took the cutie pie dog while Little Miss Sunshine carried all the books for both of us.  Mom got to carry the water it's hot!
After we dropped off our donations we took a long walk. On the way back we got one book for Little Miss Sunshine to read later.  I have to say I love, love, love this idea. I can see space appearing on my shelves as I declutter and purge lovely books I can't bear to toss. It is the librarian in me that can't bear to toss them. Now I can stick them in the Little Library to enrich the lives of others. Now how long can I resist bringing books home???  
I leave you with the cutest photo I have.
Cutie Pie Doggie has itty bitty feet and got tired so the bag came in handy! 

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