Thursday, August 20, 2015


I watched a Ted Talk on the art of handwriting, and how it engages the higher reasoning function of the brain. Interesting only cursive handwriting seems to do this, printing and typing do not.  I was amazed and inspired to sit down and write my Knight in Shining Armor a letter. I hope he has received it by now... In fact our relationship was built upon letters.  I wonder if that is why we can share stuff so easily. For years we wrote letters back and forth. One can commit things to paper that are often hard to say in person.

I love how a handwritten missive shows the emotional state of the person writing it. So much more is conveyed though a handwritten letter than through a typed email, or a text message... As I sealed up my letter I remembered I used to write SWAK on the back of all of them... so well I did it again. How silly, here I am 47 years old yet I put "sealed with a kiss." on the envelope.  I feel so young inside I know I am not on the outside but hey you are as young as you feel right!

I'm sure it costs way more to send a letter these days, but why not... funny I know I will face time him or call him or text him any time I want, yet I'm still drawn to writing him letters in this fairly short time apart. Think of all the wife of shipmen, in the age before telegraph/telephone. Waiting months to then get a pile of letters, did they sit down and read them all in order, all in one sitting, or wait and read one a day to make them last? What an age we live in that allows us instant communication face to face video chat. I'm still waiting for flying cars and jet packs of the Jetsons age...

So think of someone you haven't written to in a long time and send them a card or write them a long letter pop it in the mail and smile.

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